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105 Brilliant Ways to Improve Customer Service: Small Business Advice from Bloggers

“Best Small Business Advice Series”

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Imagine your business with me for a moment…
A store full of happy customers, numerous glowing online reviews, and a loyal customer base that you can count on for repeat business and a vibrant word-of-mouth referral network.
Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it?

We think so, too, so we scoured the web for the crème de la crème of small business advice on how to excel at customer service. With all the creative minds we uncovered out there sharing unique perspectives and clever ideas about boosting customer service, there is guaranteed to be something here you’ve never thought of before.

The Case for Customer Service

2 Reasons Customer Service Matters More Now Than Ever

  1. Customers have changed, and their expectations have changed even more! Customer Obsessed Service starts with hiring the right people – those who are naturally people-focused, have a passionate spirit, are empathetic, and like to think creatively to solve problems. – Customers Rock!, Customer-Obsessed Service by Becky Carroll
  2. Believe it or not, customers are paying more attention to customer service in this economy. Since customers have to stretch their dollar more, they will only tolerate service that doesn’t keep them waiting. Embrace your personal communication ability and speak with them face to face or have a real voice on the phone rather than an automated machine. Don’t forget that people talk. It is important to give customers a reason to come back and bring a friend. – Get Satisfaction, Customer Service in a Tight Economy by Azita Martin

But before you implement new ideas, let’s put things in perspective.

  1. Customers who are [just] satisfied are easily wooed away by a cheaper price, more convenient location, or a minor hiccup.  But, those who love you will stay loyal “for richer or poorer, in good times and bad, and, in sickness and in health.” – Wired and Dangerous, Do You Love Your Customers? by Chip Bell and John Patterson
  2. Customers are often willing to pay more for something that’s better – so keep quality levels high across product and service delivery. – How Small Businesses Can Drive Customer Loyalty by Anita Brady for
  3. All those ads touting the latest and greatest wireless communication technologies only amount to so much when it comes to wooing customers. In fact, it’s the service a company provides after getting a customer that determines loyalty. – Media Post- Marketing Daily, Loyalty: Customer Service Outperforms Technology by Aaron Baar
  4. Customers want “good” service more than “fast service” so keep your main focus on quality. – Marsha Collier’s Musings, 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic] by Marsha Collier
  5. You don’t always have to like customers, but love them anyway. They are what keep your company alive.  – The Service Blog, Love Your Customer’s Imperfections by Flavio Martins
  6. There are 6 laws of customer experience. One of them? You can’t fake it. - Customer Experience Matters, Introducing The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience by Bruce Temkin

Customer service is truly more than just “service” – 6 ways it’s about their beginning-to-end experience with you.

  1. It’s not just customer “service” – it’s about the entire experience a customer has with every touch point with your company. Walk yourself through each of them and look for areas to enhance their experience. – Stuart Walters, What Is Your Customers’ Experience Journey on
  2. First impressions are a big deal. If at first you don’t succeed, you might not get a second chance. Be sure to take the customer’s perspective in order to keep them coming back or prevent them from leaving before they get in the door. – Customers Rock!, First Impression by Becky Carroll
  3. Be aware of things that will hurt your customers’ experience with your company – such as untidiness and late deliveries. – Stuart Wooster, 10 Bad Habits That Will Hurt Your Business!
  4. A major complaint among customers is that their experience with a business “takes too much effort.” Think about how you can streamline the interaction process from your website to long wait times on the phone. – New statistics on the state of Customer Loyalty & Customer Experience by Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy
  5. An integrated multi-channel approach can improve customer service and satisfaction. It may seem like a business needs to be perfect at one level [or channel], before entering into the next, but this is not the case.  Perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t wait on “perfect service” in your current channel before branching out.  - Wim Rampen’s Blog, The Case for Multi-Channel Excellence in Customer Service by WIM RAMPEN
  6. Consumers buy what they want from who they want, how they like it, when they need it, and know where to find it. Their options are ever changing and always increasing. The time has come to be just as flexible and meet them where they are. – Business Advisor Blog, Are we living in the year of the customer?

So, learn to see things from the customers’ perspective.

  1. Just as you review employees, ask your customers to review you using scorecards. –, Is the Customer Always Right? By Mike Myatt
  2. The best way to improve your customer service is to think like your customer. If you’re making a call or outsourcing to a call center, have a script ready but don’t read from it. Be honest about your benefits and what you are offering. -Best in class customer service: 5 tips to increase trust, loyalty, and sales by Erica Nicole, YFS Entrepreneur Magazine
  3. For real insight in real-time, ask someone to “mystery shop” your business in person and on the phone to make sure the service they get meets (or exceeds) your standards. – Steve Gordon, Oops…They Flushed How Much Down the Toilet? On
  4. It’s customers who grow companies, not shareholders. Don’t let the pressure from others who are invested in your business take the focus from making sure you’re delivering on customer promises. – The Service Blog’s 12 Customer Service Trends for 2012, the Year of Customer Experience by Flavio Martins
  5. A “quality satisfaction” survey may show improvement, however, that isn’t necessarily translated into a corresponding improvement in Customer Satisfaction. Make sure your improvements are in areas that your customers will notice and reward. – Service Quality Central, We’ve Improved! Why Isn’t the Customer Satisfied by Tom Vander Well

Creating Your Customer Service Philosophy

11 Ways to Get the Infrastructure in Place to Improve Customer Experience

  1. It is challenging enough to make sure adequate resources are in place to handle the peaks and valleys that businesses experience on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Without adequate resources properly allocated, delivering hero-class customer service is virtually impossible. – Customers that Stick, Great Customer Service Begins With Adequate Resources by ADAM TOPOREK
  2. When all companies’ profits come from hidden and/or penalty fees, they only survive by getting very good at handing out such punishments. Companies who implement such “stupidity fees” lose money. Treating customers with respect starts with the CEO and not just the employees. – The Customer Service Experience Blog, Service Aptitude Starts at the Top by John R. DiJulius III
  3. We know the 4 P’s of Marketing. We should also know the 4 P’s of customer service: Pain, Personalization, Productivity, and Proactivity – Forrester Blog, 4 Ps of Customer Service by Kate Leggett           
  4. Why do you need to know my date of birth?” The cashier deadpanned, “Halo 3 is rated M for Mature: I can’t sell it to you without entering a birthday in the system.” The grandmother sighed, looked down, and spoke her birthdate. She is 71 years old. Some companies have built “planned inconveniences” into their customer retention strategy.  But they aren’t always in the best interest of good customer service. Eliminate policies like these. – Knowledge Bishop, Renewable Service in Disposable Industries by Tristian Bishop
  5. It doesn’t take a big budget to deliver strong customer service programs. Find frugal ways to “surprise” and “wow” customers.- Customer Relations: The New Competitive Advantage, Guest Post: 3 Big Customer Service Myths You Need to Avoid by Gregory Ciotti 
  6. How many great ideas end up on the scrap heap because “the timing wasn’t right”? But the timing will NEVER be right. Competing challenges and projects will ALWAYS be there. Is there anything more important to your organization’s future than the quality of the relationships with customers? Nothing should stand in the way of at least taking baby steps in improving the customer experience. - Will the Timing Ever Be Right? By Dennis Snow
  7. Technology should enable you to improve the customer service your PEOPLE provide. Don’t rely on technology to provide what only a human can provide: service. – Cheryl Hanna, How to improve customer service in a digital world,
  8. Make sure your business is using technology in a way that helps, not hinders, the customer experience. One simple idea for voicemail: tell the customer how long they will have to hold or wait for you to return their call. – 4-Ways Technology Can Improve Customer Service by Adrian Swinscoe, Biz Tech
  9. There is actually a science to delivering good service that involve specific component actions and processes that can be controlled, improved, measured and improved. – Art and Science of Customer Service by Flavio Martins, The Service Blog
  10. Customers expect to be able to start a conversation on one channel and move it to another channel without having to start the conversation over. Consider a CRM or system to keep track of your business’ interactions with your company. – Forrester Blog, The Customer’s Bill of Rights: The Right to Choose How to Get Customer Service by Kate Leggett
  11. Give your employees the ability to right a wrong without having to run it by you first. If employees have to get approval for every request you’ll only frustrate the customer. – Business Advisor Blog, 9 Ways to Turn Your Employees into Customer Service Hot Shots

Achieving Strong Customer Loyalty

  1. There’s one thing that keeps customers loyal – and it’s been evaluated since the days of Aristotle. Any guesses as to what it is? Gregory Ciotti tells us the answer and shares some moving examples in The #1 Thing That Creates Loyal Customers over at Help Scout’s blog.
  2. Know who the minority of your customers are that provide you with the majority of your revenues. – Clemons, The Small, The Bad, and The Surprising on Small Business Fundamentals
  3. Customer loyalty programs should be created to build just that: loyalty. Yet, 85% of customers never hear a single word from their loyalty programs after the sign up. So, follow through. – Customer Loyalty: What it is and Why it is Important Infographic, CustServ
  4. Remember, Spoiled = Loyal. Spoil your customers with your outstanding customer service. – Marsha Collier’s Musings, 12 Most Stupendous Ways to ROCK Customer Service by Ted Coiné Sanchez
  5. Customer service is an indicator of whether or not your customers will remain loyal. If you are able to satisfy your customers, they are likely to return and increase same-store sales. – Customer Relations: The New Competitive Advantage, Customer Loyalty: What It Is and Why It Is Important [Infographic] by Merdekah Ybañez-Delid

11 Ways & Reasons to Create a Culture of Customer Service

  1. When customer service leaders and teams take an approach that remembers their customers’ expectations and values, customers end up remembering a superior customer service experience.  Actions follow beliefs. Trusting the customers, not mistrusting them, is the starting point. – Smart SenseAbilities Blog, Super Customer Service Experience: Beliefs to Remember by Kate Nasse
  2. “The five most important characteristics of a great customer experience culture: Passion, Communication, Collaboration, Pragmatic Thinking and Empathy”. The Experienced Planner, Five Characteristics of a Great Customer Experience Culture, Scott Weisbrod
  3. It starts with the culture. If you want to deliver memorable experiences for customers, make service a top priority throughout the organization.  – 5 Innovative Customer Service Ideas for 2013, Steven D. Strauss for Small Business Online Community
  4. Operate with your head, lead with your heart. – 4 Ways Small Business Owners can Create a Better Customer Experience by Lori Philbin, Phonebooth Blog
  5. Pay as much attention to the employee experience as the customer experience. To emotionally bond with your customers, you must first engage your employees.- Aligning the Employee and Customer Experience by Shaun Smith, The Customer Experience Blog
  6. Create a Customer Bill of Rights and live it. – Desk Blog, Customer Service 101: Basic Resources by  Alyson Stone
  7. If you want customers to praise your business, then praise your employees. – How Do You Impact Your Employees and Their Productivity by John Tschohl, SQI Blog
  8. When you are “overhauling” your business to make customer service a top priority, do it fast and furiously. That might seem counterintuitive, but “you don’t have time to let culture change drip down to the masses or bubble up from the bottom in one or two departments.” – Your Customer Service Overhaul Has to Happen Fast and Furious by Ron Kaufman for Biz2Credit Blog
  9. The key to happy customers? Happy employees. So, “walk the walk” as a business owner, too. – Outstanding Customer Service – It’s Time to Get Back to Basics, Rene’ Johnston-Gingrich,
  10. When looking for great customer service reps, a few characteristics to check off on the list: self-control, flexibility and thick skin.  – 7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have – Adam Toporek, Customers that Stick       
  11. Hire someone with “the right ears” – they will hear the true customer need and know how to meet it. – Errol Allen Consulting Blog Tips For Hiring The Right People To Service Your Customer by Errol Allen

Great Customer Service Can Start With the Way You Speak

  1. One of the most important things to remember? Never be afraid to say “I’m sorry.” – 7 Customer Service Tips for Small Business by Emily Suess for Small Business Bonfire
  2. Practice saying yes. Get employees used to listening to customers and delighting them by saying “yes” to unusual requests. – Small Business Customer Service Secrets by Lauryn Winterson at
  3. Be a people-pleasing communicator. – 5 Tips for Personalizing Your Customer Service, Charles Henry, Return Customer
  4. Words have power. And while many words have the power to help you make the sale, some words have the power to sabotage it. Choose them wisely.  – Who’s Your Gladys? , Nine Words You Should Never Use with Customers         by Don Cooper

Keeping Customers Happy, Fixing It When They’re Not

Dealing with Upset Customers: 16 Ideas to Guide Your Interactions

  1. Hold up, wait. Don’t assume you’ve got mostly happy customers. Just because you’ve resolved an issue, doesn’t mean they’ll return. Follow-up with customers after an incident to ensure their satisfaction. – Marketing Ripples
  2. A business owner’s best lessons can be learned through negative customer feedback. Get beyond the initial sting and your feelings of anger, frustration and denial, and take a few minutes to think about whether this customer may actually be pointing a legitimate issue or concern that needs addressing. – Marsha Collier’s Musings, Online Customer Service: Treat Negative Comments as Learning Opportunities by Marsha Collier
  3. Companies that do a great job of winning back departed customers will frequently have a stronger relationship with customers as a result. – Chief Customer Officer 2.0, Reaching Out to Departed Customers for Recovery by Jeanne Bliss
  4. Passing the blame of a mishap doesn’t do much to help the customer’s problem, nor do they care WHY the problem is what it is. They just want you to help them fix it. So, remember to focus on the fix, not the why or the problem. – Guy Kawasaki, The Art of Customer Service,
  5. Go above and beyond your customers’ expectations when you’re trying to make up for a poor experience by adding a personal touch. – Customer Service Apology is Stronger With a Personal Touch by Shep Hyken, Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog
  6. To turn an upset customer into a satisfied one, simply ask: “What happened?” It answers the customer’s desire to be heard and gives you the opportunity to turn the ship. – 10 Ways to Win Back an Unhappy Customer at
  7. Customer complaints are often the best source of learning – allowing you to identify common issues and address them. – Michael Hill, Customer complaints – your greatest source of learning? On
  8. Turn your thinking around: when customers complain, it may just be because they care enough about your company to let you know they expect more. – Lori Jo Vest, How Much Do Your Customers Care?, Who’s Your Gladys Blog
  9. Show no defensiveness when customers provide feedback that is painful, inaccurate or even unfair. Listen to learn, not to defend, teach or make a point. – “Your Service Sucks!”         by Chip Bell and John Patterson, Wired and Dangerous
  10. Even the best of us are capable of providing bad service at times. Bad service may not always be your fault – but always act like it is, by owning up to a mistake and showing the customer you care about their satisfaction. – 12 Reasons Bad Customer Service Isn’t Your Fault by Tim, Deliver Bliss blog
  11. Want to turn an upset customer into a happy one? Lead with empathy. One such phrase to try is, “I hate that you had to make this call today.” – 7 Phrases That Convey Empathy to Customers by Myra Golden
  12. Always have a contingency plan in place for you and employees on how to deal with sticky situations that don’t go as planned. – CX Journey, Customer Experience Lessons from the Space Jump by Annette Franz Gleneicki
  13. Taking accountability with sincere honest apologies go a long way in customer service. Then find a way to add the personal touch.  The customer will appreciate it and most important, will have a renewed respect and confidence about you and your company. – Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog, Customer Service Apology Is Stronger With a Personal Touch by Shep Hyken
  14. Even when you get it wrong, admit your mistakes. Customers appreciate that transparency. – Econsultancy Blog, Delivering great customer service across borders by Christian Arno
  15. A trick to dealing with an angry customer? After you’ve fixed the problem, follow up with them the next day to ensure they are still satisfied. – Service Untitled, How to deal with angry online customers, Cheryl Hanna
  16. Another way to help diffuse the angry customer? Make them part of the process. Ask “What can be done to correct this problem?” and do your best to meet their needs or compromise. – Business Advisor Blog, 7 Ways to Turn Angry Customers into Your Best Customers

Going the Extra Mile to Delight Customers & Stay Top of Mind

  1. Figure out ways to show customers you care about them: delight them with a birthday card or special offer out of the blue. – How to Use Customer Service Effectively, Diane Helbig, Growth University
  2. The more impressed customers are with your service, the more likely they are to tell others about it. Challenge yourself and your employees to think of ways to impress your patrons. – Dennis, The Difference Between Good Customer Service and GREAT Customer Service, Dennis Snow Blog
  3. Make your customers feel valued. It’s as easy as creating a sign with their picture and what they like at your store or restaurant. – Church of Customer, Your most valued customer by Jackie Huba
  4. To keep in touch with customers, and keep your relationship with them strong – communicate with them unexpectedly on special occasions such as their birthday. – Inc., Keep Your Friends Close & Your Customers Closer by Karl and Bill
  5. The deeper a customer’s relationship with a business, the higher their satisfaction with that business will likely be. Do what you can to create those lasting relationships so your business stays on their mind. – Gregory Ciotti, What Convicted Felons Can Teach You About Customer Service on Help Scout Blog

Customer Service Can Be Improved through These 9 Marketing Tweaks

  1. The priority of running a business is to help your customers meet their needs, while staying in alignment with your principles. How often do we get so caught up in promoting the features and talking points of a product, service or loyalty program, that we forget to address a basic premise: how does what I’m selling meet the needs of my customer? – Loyal Truth What customer needs are you meeting?         by Tom Rapsas
  2. Take a look at how you present prices, numbers, and discounts to customers. By showing the list price and discounted price side-by-side the customer can internalize the great deal and savings they will be getting. – Return Customer, Why You Need to Do the Math for Your Customers by Joe Rawlinson
  3. Customer service has become the foundation of marketing.  – Social Media Today, Marketing 2.0: Combining Forces of Marketing and Customer Service by Dimitri Callens
  4. Not only does quality customer service build loyalty for both company and product above all other forms of marketing, it almost guarantees a company’s viability in today’s diverse and competitive market. In a world where consumer and peer reviews are easily accessible via social media and the web, positive customer experiences become amplified and produce word-of-mouth referrals. – Under30CEO, Customer Service is the New Marketing
  5. When you do something nice for customers, make sure they know. Don’t assume it’s obvious. Are the “special offers” you give actually special? – The Idea Studio, Missed opportunities: when you do something good for customers, make sure they know by Susan Abbott
  6. Make sure your services delivers on the promise of your marketing. In fact, some say that customer service is a new form of marketing. – Debate This: Is Customer Service the New Marketing by Ashley Verrill, BlueWolf Blog
  7. Customer service can extend to the language you use in marketing materials, too. To ensure that it is relatable and simplified enough to create a positive customer experience, make sure your grandmother could also understand it. – Apply the Granny test to get closer to your customers, Adrian Swinscoe, Adrian Swinscoe’s Blog
  8. Think of marketing like you are selling peace of mind long after the sale. So, make sure marketing and customer service strategies are aligned. – Is marketing the new customer service or is customer service the new marketing? by Marc Sokol, Best Customer Connection           
  9. All too often, business owners fall into the trap of only talking to customers about themselves (their business, product, features, benefits and bells and whistles, oh my!) when what customers want to talk about is themselves. Customers come to you because you can help them, so always remember that communication in any form should be about how you’ll do that. – How Awesome Are Your Customers? at Kevin Stirtz, Amazing Service Guy

Being the Best: Customer Service Above and Beyond

6 Ideas on Talking...and Listening...To Your Customers

  1. The greatest gift you can give your customer is simple: listen to them. Acknowledge what they tell you and then act on what you’ve heard. – Business Advisor Blog, The 1 Gift You Can Give Your Customers
  2. How many conversations had you had with your customers today? The more you try and get to know your customers on a personal level, the more your service improves. – Amanda Stein on Indiesilver Marketing,  Six Tips on Increasing Customer Loyalty for Small Businesses
  3. Listen to what your customers say but also look deeper into what they do to understand what they want for better customer service – Maz Iqbal, The Customer Blog, Why listening to the customer involves more than simply listening
  4. Since your customers are the ones that literally pay your salary and operating costs, they should have a fair amount of input as to what you should consider doing when operating your business. – Kristina Evey, Transforming the Customer Experience,  A Lesson in Customer Service…A Tale of One City
  5. Talk to customers in natural surroundings. They’re more likely to be truthful where they are most comfortable, and are more likely to tell you what they like (and don’t like). –, 6 Smart Tricks to Get Better Feedback
  6. A real answer is accurate, complete, and understandable and addresses the customer’s unique situation.  When customers ask for solutions, but get vague replies and obfuscations, brand loyalty and advocacy plummet. – Interaction Thinkings, You Responded, But Did You Answer the Question? By Martha Brooke

Using Social Media to be Always On

  1. Want to be successful in social media? Then put the customer first! Customer service is an essential factor in social marketing. – Forrester Blog Online Customer Service Is Essential To Successful Social Marketing by Darika Ahrens
  2. Reward your biggest online advocates. If you’re aware of customers that have left positive comments on your Facebook page, for example, reward them publicly with a surprise gift voucher or company t-shirt. – 5 Steps For Changing Your Company from a Brand into an Experience, Geoff Livingston, Social Fresh Blog
  3. Create a desire for your customers to belong to your community. – The Make or Break Moments, 12-Customer Service Lessons by Deborah Chaddock Brown
  4. One of the best ways to improve customer service is to respond quickly on Twitter or Facebook when customers make inquiries (good or bad).  – Biz Tech, Customer Service Through Social Media Is the New Normal by Ricky Ribeiro 

5 Other Businesses that “Do Service” Well & What You Can Learn From Them

  1. Sometimes reading how other companies go above and beyond in customer service will inspire an idea for yours. Here are 11 of the Best Customer Service Stories Ever by Stacy Conradt at Mental Floss
  2. Hotels often deliver over-the-top service to their guests. What do you do for your customers to deliver that same “VIP treatment?”  – Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses to Win Customers and Influence Clients by Melissa Galt, Prosper By Design
  3. For some great customer service best practices, look no further than … casinos! Just think about how they do everything they can to keep you there and get you back again – and how you can do the same in your business. – 3 Things Small Businesses Can Learn from Casinos by Amanda MacArthur on The Swipely Works Blog
  4. Disney is world-renowned for customer service. One lesson is always to be “show ready.” – Forbes Blogs, Customer Service the Disney Way by Carmine Gallo   
  5. Look no further than Chick-Fil-A’s “my pleasure” phrase for proof that lingo matters. There are five words that, in fact, matter most. –, The Chick-fil-A Difference: Why Customer Lingo Matters by Nick Francis

Getting the Heart of the Matter

  1. Build relationships based on emotional connections by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. – Inspiring Leaders to Excelerate Performance, Moving from Customer Service to Customer Experience by Bill Hogg
  2. Look after your customer’s interests first. Treat every one of your customers like they are your most important customer. – Business Advisor Blog, When the “Old-Fashioned” Way is Good For Business
  3. Delivering solid customer service results in customers returning the favor tenfold with referrals, testimonials, and a reputation that will grow your business. – Business Direct Marketing, The Most Important Part of Marketing: Customer Service                   
  4. The only purpose of ‘customer service’ is to change feelings. Not the facts, but the way your customer feels. The best measurement of customer support is whether, after the interaction, the customer would recommend you to a friend. – Seth Godin’s Blog, The only purpose of ‘customer service’… ,  by  Seth Godin
  5. Think about the old sitcom, Cheers and the feeling of “everybody knowing your name.” Relate it to your customers: Everybody wants to feel known. Everybody wants to feel welcome. – Myra Golden Media, We all want to feel known: “The Norm Principle of Customer Service” by Myra Golden
  6. Some things never change, and kindness never fails: studies from the 70’s, 80’s and even 2012 point out that a customers’ number one reason for abandoning a brand are rude employees/service. – Steve Curtin, Exceptional Customer Service is Not Complicated
  7. Be a “trustable” company. – Get Satisfaction, Fastest way to lose a customer, Azita Martin
  8. Customers just do not want to be sold a product or a service. They want to be treated well, they want to be assured that they’ve taken the right decision and they have to believe that they are important. If you’ve done that, you’ve just provided your customers some ‘great service’. – Freshdesk Blog, Freshdesk Spotlight Part 1 – What is Customer Service?
  9. Go beyond “serving” a customer. Aim to be reliable and humane. – Customer Relations: The New Competitive Advantage Going Beyond Serving by Merdekah Ybañez-Delid
  10. Customers will only return to you if you make them feel informed and valued, especially if you keep them informed about the status of their purchase, much like airlines do for passengers. – Direct Marketing News, Great customer service = great customer relationships by Erin Dostal

Ok now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. Which piece of creative customer service advice did you like the best? How are you implementing these customer service best practices in your business? Are there any “rock star” bloggers out there discussing customer service that we missed?

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