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13 Business Tips You’ll Be Glad You Remembered in 2013: Part 1

Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you are getting a million emails about great resolutions to make and how to keep them. While the sentiment is a good one, sometimes those reminders can feel uninspired and even add pressure to this already busy time of year!

But at the same time, the beginning of a new year is exciting. It can represent a turning point or the continuation of something great. Regardless of whether or not you make resolutions and big changes, it provides a chance to start fresh.

More than anything, 2013 is an opportunity to reminisce about the experiences you had in 2012 – the “that was awesome, let’s do it again!” moments and the “oh no, that didn’t go as planned!” moments, and take them in stride. Each is a lesson-learned that can be carried into the next year and can make your business better.

Therefore, in the spirit of “lessons from 2012” that you can use in 2013, I pulled some of my favorite posts from the past year to use as a guide for the coming one.

For your planning and enjoyment, here is part one of the 13 business tips you’ll be glad you remembered in 2013:`

Mobile marketing isn’t just an option anymore.

It is essential for small businesses in the coming year. With mobile, there are tons of options for businesses of all sizes, even small or local businesses. In 2013, it is time to prioritize how you’re going to use those options to “mobilize” your business.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your business online.

Because it has such a big impact and is used so broadly by consumers around the world, there are quite a few things that every business owner should put on their must-do-today list. From Facebook ads to LinkedIn groups, and company blogs to casual and friendly Twitter accounts – social media offers huge opportunities.

Planning seasonal offers is a year-round activity.

Consumers expect to see promotions, offers and season-specific campaigns running year round, so planning ahead for seasonal offers can give your business a huge boost. So get started, summer is just around the corner!

Business owners need to talk like their customers.

In 2013, it’s all about REALLY knowing your customer. Can you describe the typical person to stroll into your store and make a purchase? It’s time to start understanding how customers view your business so you can put your best foot forward.

Customer retention is like dating.

Yep, you heard me right! Your current customers are incredibly valuable, and in order to ensure they keep coming back for more, they need to feel like they are special! Reward them, respond to their feedback and treat them well.

Sometimes the “Old-Fashioned” way is good for business.

There is a certain traditional approach to business that is often forgotten in the world of shiny new technologies. It is the way of running a business where things are “done right” and not just “done.” Customers are always right and employees are trustworthy; for local businesses, this is a recipe for success.

People buy emotionally and justify rationally.

Ultimately, this should impact the way you choose to do your offers and promotions. This way of thinking influences everything from when you choose to run an offer to the story you use to draw people in. Be deliberate and keep in mind what is emotional vs. what is rational as you plan for the year ahead.

What were some of your greatest learning moments of 2012? How are you using them to steer your marketing plans for 2013?

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