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13 Business Tips You’ll Be Glad You Remembered in 2013: Part 2


In Part 1 of my 13 Business Tips You’ll Be Glad You Remembered in 2013, I walked through 7 of my favorite posts from the past year that will help guide your business plans in the coming year.

Now that the  excitement of the new year has settled in for a week, it is time to pursue those resolutions you’ve made and the 2013 goals you’ve set. Those inspired motivations and aspirational thoughts are now staring you in the face, waiting to be tackled!

If you’re like me, you know that there are several great ways to approach opportunities like this, depending on your work style. Regardless of how you plan to move forward, it is essential to keep your eye on the long-term goals while paying daily attention to the short-term tactics that will help you achieve them.

So, without further ado, here is part two of my favorite 13 business tips that we should all carry with us into 2013:

You need to know the 3 “M’s of Marketing” to create successful ads.

A successful ad isn’t just the product of clever copy writing or a flashy image, and it certainly isn’t achieved with a “one and done” approach. Instead, embrace the full campaign, and approach each ad as a part of your overall strategy. The 3 M’s are key pieces of that “winning formula.”

Business owners are living in the world of the customer.

This may sound obvious at first glance, and you may be thinking “of course, I rely on customers for my business to thrive!” but 2012 was actually named the “Year of the Customer” and that trend is continuing. The customer is in control, and it’s up to you to consistently meet them where they are.

There are lessons to be learned from the kid who sold you lemonade.

Yep, the neighborhood kid with the homemade sign selling you lemonade with a smile may just be the business inspiration you need this year. Don’t underestimate their business savvy; they understand the importance of location, service with a smile and some strategic advertising.

Positive attitudes are important, but businesses need a “bad guy,” too.

That sounds like a backwards thing to say, doesn’t it? Basically, what I mean is that having a whole team of “yes men” can be encouraging and keep a positive vibe in your business, but as an owner, you need to be able to trust that someone has your best interest in mind, even when it means being brutally honest.

Figure out what type of “planner” you are to avoid business stress.

I’ve identified four approaches to business, primarily ones related to making plans and setting goals, that end up causing many owners, like myself, large amounts of avoidable stress. Stay away from these common pitfalls and you’ll thank yourself (or me!) later. Also be sure to check out the planning calendar downloads included in this post.

Stay up to speed with technology, but beware of “Newfangled Whizbang Syndrome.”

Amazing technological advances pop up left and right and bring with them huge opportunities. Business owners can take advantage of these to build and market their businesses online using everything from smartphones to social media. But jumping from one “shiny new object” to the next can lead to an unfocused and scattered business or marketing plan. Keep up with developments so that you can prioritize which ones to use, but keep an eye on the traditional and proven methods like direct mail as well.

Here’s to a well-balanced, organized, creative and focused year of business success in 2013! What is your number one goal for 2013?

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