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5 Ways to Reach Customers with SMS Texting

Did you know that two-thirds of consumers want to receive special offers by text message?

Yep, you read that right. And nearly half of consumers are likely to opt-in to a SMS messaging list.

That’s a lot of potential to reach your customers, no matter where they are! Stats like those are enough to make any business want to hop on board but before diving in, there are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind to ensure a successful SMS campaign.

Keep all of your texts ‘short and sweet’ just like you would for the headline of a direct mail offer or an email subject line. Remember that even though you are a business sending a text, people choose to do business with people they know and trust. With that in mind, the tone of your texts should stay casual simply because of the medium by which the consumer is receiving them. Your offer will arrive via text message, so consumers will expect it to feel at least somewhat like a personal text message.

Additionally, you’re reaching into your consumer’s lives, so in that vein, take into account the timing of your texts. For example, a weekly or standing offer won’t have the same power via text as one with a relevant call to action or special time-sensitive deal. You also should schedule your text offers in a timely fashion during shopping hours or right after a purchase, to encourage returning in the future.

The essential rule you might not think of? Always offer a way for those on your SMS list to unsubscribe at any time. Not only do consumers generally trust companies with an opt-out option but many consumers are less willing to buy from a company that doesn’t provide a clear version of this feature.

Whether you’re a seasoned SMS marketer or are looking for new tactics for advertising your local business here are some ways to get your text message campaign off the ground.

  1. Superior Customer Service. 71% of consumers would like to have the option to text a company. Take advantage of that by extending your service to your customers from anywhere they are during certain hours or time periods when you know you can devote time to responding. Give customers the ability to text you with feedback, questions, or inquiries into your latest deals, and have some text responses prepared that you can customize so you can treat each customer like a VIP.
  2. Draw Customers Online. Give your customers the ability to sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to your blog via text. When you send out a text, include a link to your mobile-optimized website or one of your social media profiles. Since they are already on their mobile device, they can quickly be re-directed to an online page to connect with your business.
  3. Real-time Appointments. Service providers and companies requiring appointments can text customers to communicate about their reservation or appointment time. Reminders can also be a powerful text message tactic – send a note just before the appointment time to diminish no-shows. Use this strategy to fill up slow times of the day or fill a popular time slot that unexpectedly opens up due to a late cancellation.
  4. Promote Your Events. If you have a big event or promotion coming up in your store, like a fundraiser supporting a local charity, you can use texts to let your customers know about it. Invite them to the event with a link to a website or a flyer. If the event is well-known around the community, use texts to build anticipation by sending out teasers or reminders. If you sponsor many events throughout the year, offer a calendar to your customers sent through text.
  5. Increase Foot Traffic. Let your customers know when you get new products or offer new services so they can come check them out in your store. Special offers remain one of the best uses for SMS texts so be sure to send out your best deals as well.

What text message campaign do you have planned in 2013?



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