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Valpak and Roximity Bring Your Customers Deals While They Drive

Valpak and Roximity Bring Your Customers Deals While They DriveHave you heard the good news? Or better yet, have you seen it?

Consumers nationwide are excited to see what their local businesses have to offer through the Roximity app. They’re eager to connect with the “shop around the corner,” giving small businesses around the country the ability to reach into the lives (and cars!) of a broader consumer base than ever before.

ABC’s Good Morning America team has nothing but love for our new app that gives access to drive-by deals available through our partnership with Roximity. Good Morning America sent a reporter to test the new feature in a Ford Mustang, and after a day of cruising, she’d racked up $95 in savings.

Even better? The real-time deals were delivered to her as she drove around town using the voice-activated technology, so the savings were sent directly to her phone and she never had to take her eyes off the road.

Take a look:

Offers are personalized and time-sensitive because they are delivered based on the user’s preferences and proximity to the establishments. But it isn’t just the consumers getting all the perks of Roximity. The app allows you, the advertiser, to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads that can seriously increase foot traffic to your store. Excuse us for a quick cliché but this is what you call a win-win. Want to see more of this easy-to-use app and its features in action? Here’s another in-car demo showing how easy it is to start saving from the road.

In a world of connected cars, virtual wallets and, of course, great Valpak deals from local restaurants, retail stores, spas and service shops this app makes life one step more convenient.

We couldn’t be more excited about the positive experiences and feedback this new app is getting, both from consumers and business owners. Our goal is to keep people connected with the savings they’re looking for, and the new Roximity app does just that.

Have you tested out the Roximity app yet?  What was the first thing you saved on?



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