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Avoid These 5 Mistakes that Kill Your Advertising

Along with hundreds of species of plants and animals, you can now add this to the list of endangered things.

Empty space.

Think about it. From stadium entrance portals to turnstiles to bench seats and everywhere in between, virtually every blank space is now filled with an advertisement.  Some estimates show the average person is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages a day, coming at us from all forms of print, broadcast, digital and display mediums.

With all those messages coming at people, it’s no wonder folks are tired and bored of the everyday, mundane, run-of-the-mill advertising.  If you make a mistake with your ad and don’t stand out, you and your business/product/service are dead in the water.

So what’s a business owner to do?

Avoid these five common mistakes when crafting your advertisement:

  1. Not getting straight to the point. So many ads today seem focused on being slick, clever and different. These are all good things, but remember the ad must also be informative and believable, as well as memorable.
  2. Confusing an ad with a campaign.  One ad can’t tell the entire story of your company and your product.  Think of your ad like a sword, it has a point and it makes it strongly.  If there is another point to make, then create a different ad (create a campaign).
  3. Making broad claims.  How often do we read, “We have the best quality at unbeatable prices.”  While it might be true, today’s consumer is less likely to take your word for it.  Try using quotes from customers to make similar statements for you.
  4. Forgetting the importance of repetition.  For an ad to work best, it not only has to be memorable but it must also be seen many times.  Many times.  Many times.  You get the idea.  Too often, businesses try for a huge reach with their ad but only buy one placement.  And, as a result, they don’t get the return they expected.  Think of it this way.  Is it better to have 100% of your audience see you occasionally, or just a few people see you 100% of the time you advertise?
  5. Disconnecting from what your customers want.  You’re an expert on your business but there’s a good chance that what YOU think is the most awesome part of your business… is something customers really don’t care about. Learn what products or features of your business appeal most to customers — then, promote that.  If you don’t know, talk to your customers. Find out why they choose you and advertise that benefit or strength.

Finally, the biggest mistake business owners make is in believing that advertising consistently isn’t important. Customers won’t know you exist unless you tell them. In this marketing crazy world, your customers need a push, a reminder.

So, have you ever made any of the mistakes before? Ever made any mistakes that aren’t on that list?



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