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Case Study: Bianco Diamond Plumbing Tests Advertising and Sees Results

Direct Marketing Success Through Testing Advertising Campaigns
In the fast-paced world of business, it’s important to continually test your marketing strategy. Your goal is to connect with your local customers and grow your business, and testing how your marketing dollars are working will help you do that more effectively!

I could talk about direct mail best practices all day long, but nothing speaks to its success quite like a real life example.

Bianco Diamond Plumbing decided to put their direct mail campaign to the test. And the decision paid off. Here are the results of the test:

  • They saw a 109% gross ROI with approximately 1 out of every 2 leads converting to a sale.
  • Their ROI grew every month to 129% in the second month.

So what did they do, and how can you apply the lessons learned from their success?

Bianco decided to try two strategies for two months to test their direct mail campaign.

  1. Expand their Reach. Before the test, the plumbing company sent to 50,000 households each month. They decided to double the reach of their direct mail campaign to 100,000 households per month.
  2. Increase their Frequency. Previously, they alternated between two groups of 50,000 households. During their test they mailed their offers to both of these groups each month.

But they didn’t just make these changes and hope for the best. They included the same creative design and offers, but added a unique telephone number in order to use call tracking to see how the campaign performed.

If Bianco Diamond Plumbing hadn’t been willing to test their already successful direct mail campaign they wouldn’t have discovered that they could increase their reach and frequency to bring in even more customers than before.

How do you keep your advertising up-to-date?



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