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Category: Business Advertising Techniques

Do You Know the 5 Rules for Coupons?

At some point, every business will offer a discount, coupon or savings opportunity whether it’s seasonal, to build loyalty, or brand awareness. The question becomes, how can you be sure that you are giving your clients something that they will want?  Well, we asked over 1,400 consumers about their coupon preferences and some of their

How Small Businesses Can Win Big with Email Marketing

When something stands the test of time, you know it’s worth considering. That’s the case with email marketing. It has been a popular form of online marketing for quite some time, and in our opinion, there’s one reason why: it’s effective! In fact, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing through email according to

Your Guide to Mobile Couponing in 2015

With every new year, we find ourselves wondering and predicting what the big trends will be in the coming year. What will drive sales and foot traffic? What will consumers tend to do more of, and what tendencies or habits will fade? For 2015 we’re venturing a solid guess that it will be an update

Stand Out: Effective Advertising Techniques Revealed

It’s a type of pressure that is familiar to all small business owners. In fact, it’s more than a pressure, in many ways, it’s a reality. You need to get the word out about your business right now. But it comes with a challenge, doesn’t it? If you’re like me, you’re concerned about all the

8 Keys to a Productive End of 2014

For small business owners and employees alike, the end of the year can either be wildly hectic or oddly calm. We’ve found that most businesses deal with one of these two extremes during this time of the year, and either way, it’s imperative to remain productive before the last page on your calendar flips over.