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Category: Direct Mail Advertising

Don’t Write Off Direct Mail for your Niche Business

Have you been wondering if direct mail is worth the investment for your niche business? You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, we get that question all the time. You serve a targeted community of people who are interested in the particular niche you provide, so is direct mail an effective way to reach those people?

Case Study: Direct Mail Drives Traffic for Local Businesses

It’s safe to say we are officially in the midst of the summer season, and unless you are in a tourist area, that often means things are a bit quieter around your business. Summer solstice has passed, and many families are headed off on vacations, or to explore their local region. So, how do you

Case Study: Direct Mail Drives Foot Traffic

What are your ultimate marketing goals? We’d guess: drive sales, foot traffic and brand awareness to your business. Are we right? This was the case when the people at CarMax came to see if advertising with Valpak could help grow their business. From our experience, and CarMax’, nothing is better than direct mail when it

Case Study: Pier 1 Increases Sales and Foot Traffic with Direct Mail

Have you been wondering if direct mail can truly deliver results in terms of sales and foot traffic? If you are, you certainly aren’t alone. Pier 1 imports decided it was about time they found out for themselves if Valpak could increase their sales. To test out this theory, Pier 1 sent out a compelling

Case Study: United Restaurant Group Sees Results with Direct Mail

It’s the age old question for all small businesses. Is my advertising working? The answer is a fundamental part of marketing and growing your business. If your advertising is not working, you need to make adjustments. If it is working, you might want to expand your scope, or test out alternatives to find the perfect