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Category: Direct Marketing

How Your Competitor is Using Digital Marketing

Do you feel like you’re up to speed when it comes to recognizing the importance of competitive intelligence? If you need a refresher, start with this post. Once you have the general overview from a business strategy perspective, make sure to jump over and learn how to evaluate your competitor’s print advertising here. Now we’ll

Stop Wasting Your Time with This Mistake

You’ve got it all – a fantastic product or service, and a killer advertising campaign. Nothing can go wrong, right? Well, not so fast. The biggest mistake we find small business owners making is overdoing the information within their direct mail ads. You love your business, and with good reason! That means it can be

How Direct Marketing is Like a Classic Novel

A simple definition of marketing is elusive because there are so many variables at play. For that very reason, we’ve shared the myths that surround marketing and how you can handle them. That topic got us thinking… In many ways, the direct marketing side of the marketing plan is actually a lot like one of

The Only 2014 Direct Marketing Guide You’ll Need

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s 2014, but the ball dropped and fireworks rang in the New Year, so now it’s time to move out of the holiday craze and focus on the year ahead. The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to start fresh, both building on what we

Direct Marketing Is Like a Family Recipe

The tryptophan has officially worn off and the hours of napping and football watching on the couch are a happy memory. Now it’s time to hang the stockings, put up the tree and dive into celebrating the next holiday season! All the food and family time has me thinking about how direct marketing is actually