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Category: Direct Marketing

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Communication Strategy to Employees is Critical

Your marketing strategy should be a concerted team effort, but implementing your strategy isn’t the sole responsibility of your marketing department or senior management. Many other key team members should be included in the planning and implementation processes to ensure success and goal achievement. This article will discuss why communicating your plan to every employee

3 Step Guide to Advertising the Best Offer

Everyone loves a deal. That’s why including a promotional offer as part of your overall marketing strategy can be a good way to drive new business. But for small business owners, deciding on which products or services to promote in an offer can be a taxing decision. An effective promotion is not chosen randomly, but

Upselling Your Coupon Users with a Positive Customer Experience

As mentioned in our previous blog post centered around upselling with digital coupons, a positive customer experience can lead to an upsell of additional products and services that goes beyond the discounted coupon item. That same positive experience can also keep people coming back as loyal customers beyond the expiration date of their coupon. In

How to Upsell a Consumer Who Uses Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are found everywhere in today’s digital age. They are particularly popular among young consumers (96% of millennials have used digital coupons) and tech-savvy families. However, digital coupons are not like their hard-copy predecessors. Users tend to be flexible in their buying decisions, basing their purchases on what is offered rather than what they

Combining Print & Digital: The Ultimate Marketing Solution

It’s true, owning and operating a business has changed drastically in the past 20 years. Going from manual processes to automated processes, finding and retaining new talent and most importantly, switching up marketing tactics to appeal to the ideal consumer. Fortunately, we’ve identified the sweet spot that allows you to be flexible, while getting real