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6 Reasons Direct Marketing and Blogging Are a Perfect Match

“To blog or not to blog.” Many businesses find they are asking themselves that very question as they try to find more time in the day for marketing activities. Sharing or curating content online (also known as content marketing) has become more popular as a way to attract customers. So, we’ve been thinking about how

Simple Marketing Strategy Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on your Local Marketing

Your ability to adapt to changes within your industry and still promote your business will be integral for the success of your marketing strategy. That’s why making the right adjustments along the way can position your business as an industry leader and help you stay competitive. These don’t need to be monumental changes—a few small

Valpak Named Best for Vets: Direct Marketing Franchises 2013

This coming Monday is a day millions of people eagerly anticipate throughout the cold and dreary months. It’s the unofficial start to summer, and it kicks off the season of spending days at the beach, kids running lemonade stands, and enjoying an alfresco evening under starry skies. Most importantly, it’s Memorial Day, a day to

SMS Texting Part 2: Crafting your Text Message

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the biggest SMS text marketing fears that business owners have.  I walked through everything from invasion of customers’ privacy to general disinterest, in hopes of illustrating the reality of SMS text opportunities that exists because of one simple thing: most consumers do want to receive deals,

Coupon Use Prevails with Digital and Mobile Rising

It’s clear that the “savings mindset” and sense of joy in finding deals have endured through the recession.  Coupon usage remains popular and consumers are utilizing multiple savings sources more and more to simplify their shopping experiences.  With the influx of coupons offered through digital and mobile outlets, consumers are finding value and savings across