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Category: Small Business Marketing

9 Benefits to Working with a Local Marketing Specialist

If you’re a small local business getting ready to embark on a marketing campaign, using a locally based marketing specialist can provide enormous benefits to your business. Choosing to work with someone who is local means you will be getting a marketing representative who understands the things that make both your neighborhood and your market

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: How will it affect you?

Quick, without looking, what are the two things every business owner needs to do in April? If you could only think of taxes, you may be headed for trouble. On April 21st, Google is scheduled to change their search engine algorithm, which will penalize sites that are not mobile responsive. Considering that about half of

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Google Business Listing

Is your business on Google? Chances are that it is–whether you know it or not–but you might not have claimed your business’s Google Place page yet. While the steps are easy and pretty straight forward, there are some tips and tricks that we will discuss in this post to make it simple for anyone to

Top 4 Small Business Website Design Mistakes

It’s difficult to run a brick and mortar small business and still have time to focus on your online presence. Many times, business owners struggle to find the right balance of tidying up their storefront and updating their website. That’s why we’ve gathered a few tips to help you evaluate your online presence, specifically your

4 Tips for Small Business ‘Spring Cleaning’

As most businesses head into the last sprint of quarter one, it’s the perfect time to tie up loose ends, evaluate year to date performance and establish processes and strategies to continue momentum. This is true for businesses regardless of their size. So, as a small business owner, what better way to accomplish this than