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Category: Small Business Marketing

7 Tips for Small Business Success on Black Friday

The time of year small business owners eagerly anticipate has officially come again. It’s the day consumers take to the streets in search of great deals and items from their holiday gift lists. Yep, we’re talking about Black Friday. Play your cards right and this shopping holiday can mean big sales and loyal customers for

How the 5 Stages of the Buying Cycle Impact Your Retail Store

Today, “omni-channel marketing” and retailing is all the rage. Of course, omni-channel is just a fancy name for attempting to reach your customers every way possible — from smartphones and tablets, to time spent inside of your store. With all of the different channels your customers use, does that mean your foot traffic and in-store

Creating a Brand for your Small Business

Too often, small business owners jump in headfirst and hurry to get their doors open and their businesses off the ground. Maybe you’ve felt the drive yourself. You’ve got great products and services, and you can’t wait to start selling them to customers who want and need them. Many business owners realize after hitting the

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing

As your small business grows, you’ll probably contemplate whether or not you should outsource your marketing. You may be thinking that business is good and you’re pretty busy with the responsibilities you have. Well, as you consider it, keep in mind that the decision to outsource all or part of your marketing shouldn’t be taken

Don’t Overspend on Small Business Marketing

It’s a common concern for marketers and business owners alike: how do I get the most out of my marketing and my budget? After all, it’s essential to maximize your budget for efficiency and productivity. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few ways you can cut out all the unnecessary spending in your