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Category: Small Business Marketing

How to Grow your Business in 2015

You’ve been busy getting your business up and running for the new year. We completely understand how time consuming the start of a year can be. So we also know that you might not have taken the time to formulate a marketing plan for 2015, even though you know you need one. No worries, there

The #1 Myth About Digital Coupons

Coupons remain one of the best ways to reach new and loyal customers. They help businesses increase sales, drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, and garner brand awareness within the local community. We’re saying all of this to make a point: coupons aren’t becoming a thing of the past. In fact, digital coupons are quickly

Business News Articles for 2014 Holiday Reading

Have you been keeping up with the latest small business news? In the midst of the holiday rush, we don’t blame you if the answer is you just don’t have the time. We’ve compiled a list of the best small business news to get you all caught up quickly. How to Prepare your Small Business

How to Prepare your Small Business for the New Year

Employees are starting to head out for vacation, and the time to celebrate 2015 is right around the corner. You may already be carried away with festive excitement, or you may be feeling the time squeeze as the end of the year draws near. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t panic. There’s still time to

The 15 Best Small Business Ideas for 2015

You may have not unwrapped the presents under the tree, or watched fireworks on New Year’s Eve yet, but it is time to think about what you’ll be doing in 2015. To help get your wheels turning, we’ve compiled some of the best small business marketing ideas from 2014 to help guide you into the