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Valpak delivers results…But don’t take our word for it…

Businesses rave about their experiences with Valpak

Director of Marketing, a National Specialty Restaurant Group

“We were thrilled with the knowledge gained by the research. Initially, we were skittish about couponing, but the test campaign produced such great results that we are now moving forward with Valpak in other markets. Valpak made it easy to reach our consumers’ homes.”

Werley Chiropractic

“I have been advertising with Valpak for the past 3 years and and it seems to be the only ad that gets attention. The response that I have every time that I run an ad with your company is far superior to many of the other local advertisers I have tried.”

Cole Café

“By the end of the first 3 months, we were receiving an average of 100 coupons per month. And with the coupons came new customers from areas we wouldn’t normally have reached.”

Campus Cleaners & Laundry

“We have owned our dry cleaning business for 25 years and we have tried coupons in the past with little or no response. However, this changed after our first Valpak mailing! After just a couple of weeks, we had handfuls.”

Edible Arrangements

“Because the rate was reasonable, and because other Edible Arrangements stores have had success with Valpak, I decided to give it a try. I discovered that not only did people read and use the coupons, but that I was able to reach customers I hadn’t reached before, who were very excited about our concept! I like being able to rotate the ads around between different zones to continue to grow our presence in the marketplace. I have experienced a return on investment of about 120%.”

Yavapai College

“As an important part of our marketing mix, Valpak has contributed to the 25% increase in student body numbers this semester. We appreciate the targeted advertising, the breadth of message we can deliver, and the results seen in the increased number of students and community participation.”

Expressway 55 Touchless Car Wash

“The Valpak coupons have more than tripled the return from any other coupons we have used in the past. The range of distribution, quality of service, and coupon appearance exceeds our expectations year after year. We have no need to advertise elsewhere!”

GeoJect Distribution Inc.

“I have many ads in many publications in addition to billboards, several memberships with associations, and an elaborate website. The number of leads received from Valpak exceeds all the other forms of marketing.”

Superior Tree Experts Inc.

“The only advertising we have done in the past is with the Hartford County Bargainer. With the Bargainer we would get about 5-10 calls into the office a week. Now with Valpak we get between 15-30 calls a week. The cost of the advertising is pennies on the dollar for the return that I have seen.”

Nirvana Salon and Day Spa

“I have an upscale salon and I did not believe that the clientele I seek could be reached through what I felt was a coupon book. It did not take long after the first mailing went out to realize what we had been missing for so long. The response we got was greater than any other advertising we have done and it has done more than just bring in clients. Since advertising with Valpak, we have increased our average sale by $10 and also increased our rebooking percentage.”

Casella Italian Café

“I was very cautions at first since my advertising budget is so restricted. Valpak has been our only form of advertising throughout the renovations on our building and it seems at times that the customers coming in with coupons was what kept us going. I am happy to say we are back to where we should be much faster than expected. I am certain that our continued advertising is what got us to our goal ahead of schedule. No matter what changes our restaurant undergoes, our Valpak ads will remain a constant part of our future.”

DeGreve Oil Change

“We have been a regular user of Valpak coupons for over 15 years. We have continued to use Valpak because it consistently works for us. In the past, we have tried using other direct mailers like Money Mailer and have usually received about half the number of redemptions that we know we will get from Valpak. Recently we have added online coupons. This gives our customers another place to print out additional coupons for multiple vehicle households.”

Richard Van Doren, Vice President Marketing, See Candies

“The Cox Target Media Solo Values team delivered outstanding service from start to finish by providing consultative, turnkey solutions such as creative development, list selection, printing, and fulfillment. The print quality exceeded our expectations, which is extremely important when showcasing an edible item such as candy. Cox Target Media coordinated a B2C and B2B campaign and provided list selection for both of these ad campaigns, and also managed to meet deadlines during the hectic end-of-year holiday season while staying within our targeted advertising budget. This resulted in successfully generating our targeted ROI. We will be using Solo Values again for new store openings and Holiday events. We are very satisfied with CTM’s customer service and impressed with their expertise in Solo Values as well as their Valpak co-op programs.”



Valpak, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, is owned and operated by Cox Target Media, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Media Group. With nearly 170 franchises throughout the United States and Canada, The Blue Envelope® delivers savings and value to nearly 40 million households each month.