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Valpak and Huffington Post Offer Valuable Insight into your Customers

Did you know that 74% of people find those who save money responsibly more attractive? This means that the tides have turned, and those who save, not spend, are the new sexy. So, what does that have to do with you as a small business owner? Well, we’ve found some ways it should actually impact your advertising decisions!

To begin with, knowing how much people value saving money these days helps you understand your customers on a new level. A significant part of marketing your business is understanding what motivates potential customers to make a purchase.

To help you further get into the mind of your customers, we put together our April 2014 Valpak Consumer Survey. As we help local business owners reach a broader market more effectively, we wanted to discover what their consumers think about saving money versus spending money. We found that saving money is important in the short and long term for a healthy relationship.

Check out this fantastic video from Huffington Post with Dr. Terri Orbuch to discover what consumers think about saving money and its importance in relationships:

Pretty interesting insight into the “why” behind your customers motivation to get great deals from your small business, isn’t it? Plus, now you know that your customers are looking for deals and coupons from you to help them make smart purchase decisions. Essentially, the use of special offers to showcase your value and get more people to experience your valuable products and services will only continue to attract customers over time.

Whether you opt for loyalty cards, run special offers during specific seasons or just focus using coupons to drive foot traffic during slow months, you’ll catch prospective customers’ eyes by giving them a chance to satisfy a need and save at the same time, building the foundation of what could be a long term relationship.

If you could ask your customers one question about why special offers are important to them, what would it be?



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