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Case Study: Direct Mail Drives Traffic for Local Businesses

Clearwater Marine Aquarium theme park for kids

It’s safe to say we are officially in the midst of the summer season, and unless you are in a tourist area, that often means things are a bit quieter around your business. Summer solstice has passed, and many families are headed off on vacations, or to explore their local region.

So, how do you keep the summer slowdown from slowing down your sales? It may be time for your business to start marketing your summer attractions and offering some enticing short-term summer deals (if you aren’t already!).

Not sure where to start? Well, have you considered using direct mail for your summer marketing?

After 40 years as an industry leader in direct marketing, we know a thing or two about how

Clearwater Aquarium-2effective it is. In fact, it is proven to bring local foot traffic in to your business.  Don’t just take our word for it, let Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s direct mail trial show you actionable results.

To market their new rescued dolphin attraction, Clearwater Marine Aquarium sent out 450,000 direct mailers to local homes. Their campaign delivered:

  • An ROI of 115% or $2.15 in gross sales for every $1 invested.
  • Gross sales revenue of $32,987

The numbers speak for themselves! What does this mean for you? Looking at the effectiveness of their program shows how a mix of well-timed and compelling offers in Valpak can positively impact consumer response and help drive sales. That makes direct marketing a great choice for getting customers in the door to take advantage of your local deals for summer activities and sales.

Have you noticed any of your competitors running summer deals? Are you putting together any fun summer campaigns?



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