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Holiday Advertising Ideas for Tourists, Reunions and other Local Invasions

Holiday Advertising Ideas for Your Local Business

Though September is drawing to a close, you might think it is too soon for us to mention that the holidays are right around the corner… but it’s true!

Families will be gathering to share meals, watch parades and enjoy hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced beverages. It also means the holiday shopping and travel frenzies will soon set in across the nation.

Tomorrow is World Tourism Day!

Yep, that’s right. Whether they’re tourists visiting for a special local event or a family reunion coming through during the holidays, for local businesses, this says “opportunity”!

So in the spirit of the holidays around the corner and World Tourism Day, it’s time to get your holiday advertising planning started.

A good place to begin is by looking at what you’ve done in the past. Which ads were successful? Evaluate the different forms of marketing you used to see which ones performed the best and where you can improve.

Then consider the individual components of your previous campaigns to zero in on what changes you can make to be even more successful this year.

  • Offer. The offer you put in your ad is an important part of what draws consumers in. If you discount too much, you encourage local consumers to wait to buy your product until the holidays. You want an offer that will encourage customers to come to your store year-round, such as a reasonable discount on a popular item or a percentage off the entire purchase.
  • Reach. Broaden your reach by considering multiple ways of communicating with your customers. If you ran a successful direct mail campaign consider how mobile coupons or SMS texting could extend your reach to new customers.
  • Timing. How close or far away you are from the holidays when your customers receive your ads is important. Send your ads when your customers are looking to buy for the holidays. Multiple campaigns can target different types of customers as well. Frame your first ads for the early shoppers who like the stability of getting their holiday shopping done ahead of time and your later ads for the last minute shoppers who need something quick.

Don’t forget to plan for those out-of-town visitors. How can you encourage them to stop into your local business? Take a minute to imagine why tourists buy while away for holidays.

They might want to buy something to take home to family and friends in a city they’ve never been to before. “Buy One Get One Free” type offers would be attractive for that purpose. You can also advertise your popular items as gifts and showcase your deals in-store and around town to attract tourists looking for a last minute gift.

Planning ahead will make the holiday advertising rush less stressful for you and give you the time you need to develop a winning strategy.

How do you prepare for holiday tourists and advertising?



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