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Keeping Up in a Tablet World with your Online Advertising

The new face of digital marketing: Tablet Advertising

Recently, tablet ownership and use has been rising at a significant rate. In the last year alone, tablet use has doubled and tablets have become the preferred mobile device for retail and ecommerce activities. This rise in tablet activity in the digital market is coupled with some surprising statistics about the way consumers are using their tablets and the way online marketing is done:

  • Click through rates for ads on tablets are 250% higher than smartphones for branding campaigns
  • Tablet click through rates also beat smartphones for direct campaigns
  • By 2015, over half of internet users will access the web from their tablet

So what can you do now to keep up with this growing trend?

Be mobile-friendly. Tablets may have significantly bigger screens than smartphones but they are still mobile devices that are used by consumers for increased convenience.

If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly for smartphones now is the time to invest in a mobile version. But even if you do have a mobile optimized site for phones, it is important to consider how the tablet is different. For example, on the tablet, the screen is bigger and consumers usually want more interactivity. Your website deserves a mobile optimized version for tablets, too!

Understand the “Now Factor”. Mobile devices are the epitome of convenience for consumers to access information and entertainment.

The use of tablets has been dubbed the “second screen” as many consumers use their tablet while they are engaged in other activities at the same time, such as watching TV. When you craft a mobile marketing strategy for reaching your potential customers on their tablets, it will imperative to keep this “now factor” in mind so you can best appeal to why these consumers are using these devices in the first place.

Focus on Customer Experience. Mobile adoption has reached almost 50% penetration of the American market, but nearly half of businesses are ignoring mobile ad opportunities despite the fact that tablets offer higher click through rates.

Mobile users enjoy the interactivity and visual power tablets offer. Make your content engaging to interact with your customers. Bigger screens also offer the ability for consumers to take in more information without having to scroll, meaning they’re more likely to read your copy. However, consumers also enjoy the graphics they get on tablets so reaching out to these consumers requires making your content eye catching with powerful visuals.

With the rising adoption and usage rates of the tablet, reaching consumers can continue to feel fragmented, but a good digital marketing strategy creates a consistent view of your company and brand across all customer touch points. Try not to get too bogged down in the options, just focus on being creative and original, and you‘ll realize the benefits that tablets have to offer for your business.

How are you taking advantage of consumer activity on tablets for your business growth?



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