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Capture the Gold: Marketing to Senior Citizens

online advertising for seniors

They call it the golden years for a reason. After all, senior citizens typically have 47x the net worth of households headed by the age group around 35. Connect with your more “mature” customers with the help of these target marketing tips.

Say it with me – direct mail advertising.

To put it simply, your senior audience is more likely to read and respond to direct mail marketing over all other marketing mediums. That means it’s time to craft some mailers targeted to your older customers. Figure out their unique wants and needs, and then plan a campaign around that information.

Discover the habits of your senior citizen customers.

We all are creatures of habit, and can solidify those lifestyle choices over time. To market to your senior customers effectively, learn all about their habits. Do they tend to read the newspaper every day? Do they frequent certain events around town? All of these seemingly small habits can help point your marketing in the right direction. For example, if the seniors in your town enjoy one newspaper over another, consider advertising there.

Don’t rule out online marketing.

It might seem counterintuitive to market to seniors online, but there are currently 39 million people who are 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter and Skype. They’re even the fastest growing demographic on these sites! Before you toss out digital marketing as an option, find out if your senior customers are using these mediums. Then target to them with eye catching visuals and storytelling, both of which are universally preferred by this age group online.

The Right Service for Seniors

It should come as no surprise that senior citizens value quality service above everything else. Make sure you offer superb service that is honest and human to rope in your senior customers. Doing this will help you gain loyal customers ready to pass on the good information about your business. Need a way to get them in the door and show them your great service? Try offering a workshop to demonstrate how to use your products, or to educate about the benefits of your services.

Just like with all your customers, take the time to find out their wants and needs. Ask your current golden aged customer how, and where, they like to receive marketing materials. Then dive in and adjust as needed for the perfect campaign that ropes in this important segment of the population.

Do you have a technique for reaching this customer age group?



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