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My Favorite Direct Mail Advertising Advice

There’s a lot of unsolicited advice out there about direct mail from other small business owners, direct mail consultants, business consultants, sales experts and… well, the list goes on.

If you’re in the mood to take advice or seeking out “how to” direct mail tips, why not take it from the leader in direct marketing with over 40 years of experience?

 Direct mail marketing advice from business consultants

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Naturally, as the leader in direct mail, we write a lot about direct mail here on the Business Advisor Blog. So, I’ve taken a look back at our posts from the last year to find my very favorite tips. This advice is based on my experiences here in Chicago, but holds true no matter where you are. I have put them all here, in one place, just for you.

  1. Match the voice of your direct mail to the voice of your customer.
  2. Before you create your offer, consider the consumer on the other end. Couponers aren’t necessarily who you think they are; they’re affluent, white collar, mature and well-educated.
  3. Ever heard the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race?” That applies to direct mail. Don’t cut off a direct mail program, even if you’ve had a slow response initially. Stick with it.
  4. Your offer and design has to speak to both the left and right brain because people buy emotionally and justify logically. Appeal to your customer’s emotions AND rationale.
  5. Measure, monitor and maintain.  Let me say that again: Measure, monitor and maintain.
  6. Know your best customer. Don’t waste your precious ad dollars reaching people who will never buy from you.
  7. When it comes to your offer, I’ve learned that showcasing everyday values always works.
  8. Be sure that you can afford to make the offer – and that you can afford to make it in several different campaigns.

I hope you take the time to take a look at each piece of advice to delve further into your direct mail advertising opportunities. Any time you have a question about direct mailing, I hope you make this direct marketing blog your first stop online for answers!

What is your biggest question about using direct mail as a tool for marketing? What questions about direct mail can we answer for you?


Author: Rex Burr, owner of Valpak of Chicagoland with expertise in direct marketing in Chicago, Illinois including: direct mail marketing, local online deals, customer loyalty programs, text message marketing, online advertising, direct mailers, postcard direct mail, and call tracking.  


Rex Burr
Rex Burr is a partner and the Chief Financial Officer for the Chicagoland Valpak office; which mails over 1.2 million homes. He has been with Valpak since 2003, working with the National Headquarters prior to purchasing the local office.
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