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Grow your business with targeted direct marketing products and services from Valpak.

From the famous blue envelope to the best in targeted direct mail and online marketing, we’re in business to help your business grow! You can learn more about our various marketing and advertising vehicles, by clicking on any of the links below.


Valpak – affordable direct mail advertising

Let’s face it… It would be easy to get new customers if you had an unlimited marketing budget. But, in the real world, marketing budgets are tight and return on investment is critical. That’s why, time and time again, businesses — large and small — turn to the Valpak blue envelope.

In fact, over 51,000 advertisers annually turn to the Valpak envelope to deliver over 20 billion ads to more than 40 million households in the United States and Canada.

Why? Valpak efficiently delivers your message to your most ideal customer. While other advertising mediums send your message to anyone —regardless of their likelihood to buy from you — Valpak lets you choose your own audience based on demographics such as age, home ownership, income, proximity to retail locations, buying behavior and much more.

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Extend advertising shelf life with a stand-out product proven to keep consumers coming back.

  • Encourage your loyal customers to try new products and keep coming back
  • Premium format stands out in the envelope
  • Longer shelf life; on average, consumers keep them 3 months or until used

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Valpak Marketing Solutions – targeted online advertising

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep your storefront open 24/7 every day of the year? If you’re like most businesses, this just isn’t possible… until now. Introducing the Valpak Marketing Solutions – the easy and affordable way to stay in front of your customers day or night.

With the Valpak Marketing Solutions, you allow your potential customers to view and print your offers whenever they’re interested – regardless of whether you’re open for business or not. You can also provide your customers with maps, directions, contact information and store hours. And, you can even generate new business through the Valpak Marketing Solutions with a click-through to your own Web site, e-mail link, or Web-hosted information page.

With over 640 million coupon offers viewed in 2011, the Valpak Marketing Solutions makes it easy to grow your business online.

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Flyers give you more advertising space to help make sure your consumers are aware of all that you do.

The larger image area allows for the display of a full menu, a complete product line, photos, graphics, and other content.

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Influence, acquire and retain customers

  • Coupon Booklets – Offer multiple coupons that are valid over different time periods or for different products
  • Extras – Leave near your register to entice current customers
  • SOLO Values – Stand out in the consumer’s mailbox with a customized direct mail program

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Valpak, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, is owned and operated by Cox Target Media, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Media Group. With nearly 170 franchises throughout the United States and Canada, The Blue Envelope® delivers savings and value to nearly 40 million households each month.