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SMS Texting Part 3: Get the Word Out

sms texting get the word out
Now that you’ve quelled your fears about starting an SMS campaign and determined the text message campaigns and offers you want to provide your customers, you need to let them know that they can sign up to receive your offers wherever they are! Starting an SMS contact list can seem like a daunting task but if you utilize multiple marketing channels you’ll find that getting the word out and building your base of contacts is easier than you thought.

After you’ve crafted an SMS strategy and considered whether or not your business is ready to text offers, you’ll have a better idea of what your SMS text messages are providing your customers. Include that information everywhere you choose to advertise your SMS offering – from instructions how to sign up to what you’ll be texting them and how often they can expect to get a text from your business.

With a text message marketing plan in place, here are a few ideas to help you let your customers know they can receive your offers anytime, anywhere:

In the store.

Include a small sign on the door to reach customers as they come in and out of your store with a simple call-to-action like “Sign up to receive special discounts with our text offers!” Include pop-up signs by the cash register or throughout the store. For example, restaurants can include the SMS information signs on each table or even on the check.

In their home.

Create a special direct mail piece that features your new SMS campaign with an incentive for customers to sign up. For example, if customers sign up for the SMS list through your direct mail offer, they receive an additional 15% off their next purchase. Include your SMS information on all of your mailers and fliers to stay top of mind. A simple call-to-action that asks customers to “find out more!” in your store or online can get the conversation started.


If you have an online or social media presence, use it to your advantage to let customers know that there is a new way to receive special offers from your business. Consider putting a quick call-to-action such as “text BUSINESS NAME to 37822” in the about section of your social media profiles. Include information about how to sign up for your texts on your website as well.

Another great way to generate some buzz about your SMS special offers and generate more names on your contact list is to run a contest. Make the rules specific such as everyone who signs up between specific times gets one entry to win your most popular product or service. Most of all get creative with how you let customers know. When consumers see your personality shine through they’ll be more interested in getting your special offers by text.

How have you found success getting interest in your SMS campaign?



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