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Stop Wasting Your Time with This Mistake

Don’t waste your time overdoing your direct mail ads

You’ve got it all – a fantastic product or service, and a killer advertising campaign. Nothing can go wrong, right? Well, not so fast.

The biggest mistake we find small business owners making is overdoing the information within their direct mail ads.

You love your business, and with good reason! That means it can be tough to streamline your advertising to feature only the important information. However, when you pack your ads full of information and graphics, your direct mailer gets harder to read, and things that are a challenge to understand often get tossed out instead of redeemed.

Follow these tips to keep your advertising simple and effective!


Your offer should be easy to understand for all of your customers, so lay it out in “plain English”. If your offer is “Buy One Get One Free”, put that front and center. Then, put any restrictions, such as an expiration date, directly underneath it in simple language. When you put together an offer, imagine a consumer who is completely unfamiliar with you, your business and your product.  This will give you a better understanding of the language you should use.

Ad Copy

In addition to the offer, your direct mail should have necessary business information, as well as a headline. Keep the headline short and to the point. That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, though! The rest of your business information such as phone number, address, website and social media profiles should be grouped together in a succinct manner. Make it easy to locate and easy to read.

Design & Layout

The offer and direct mail copy are easily the most important parts of a mailer. However, the customer may not even get around to reading that important information if the design of your direct mail ad is too busy or bland. Use visually appealing images that relate to the offer you are making. One great image can be all you need to illustrate your information in a logical way. Once you have an appropriate image, lay it out with your offer and ad copy in a simple, easy-to-follow layout. The layout of your direct mail ad should flow effortlessly from the headline, through all the vital parts of your ad.

What questions do you have about getting rid of the “fluff” to make simple, effective direct mail ads?



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