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The ‘Sell Your Value Better’ Technique

Sell better with this direct marketing techniqueAt some point, every business owner has heard the words “I can’t afford you.”  It may put you on the defense, sting a little bit or give you motivation to keep selling.

When you hear that phrase, what do you do? What should you do?

Over the years, I’ve figured out one way to overcome this obstacle is to focus on your VALUE, instead of the product or service you’re selling.  If someone says they can’t afford you, chances are they are hung up on price instead of what they GET for the price. The importance of conveying value is especially strong in direct response marketing.

Convincing a customer of your value means you have to:

  1. Define what makes you valuable. Start with the obvious. What do you better than the competition? Do you have any guarantees or warranties that add value? Next, look at the DNA of your business.  Your employees and the customer service they give is a huge part of your value. Perhaps, your store layout or ambience provides value as well. Find what’s EXTRAordinary about your business and define the value that creates.
  2. Tailor your value. Listen to your customers. Find out what really matters to them, and how they define value. Then emphasize how you fill that need in your direct marketing systemsand programs.
  3. Make the customer understand. You’ve defined your value and you know who you’re talking to in your direct marketing, now you need to make them understand for themselves. Storytelling is a great way to help others understand exactly what they are going to get from you. Think about a typical situation in which someone will use your product and craft a story out of that scenario. Bring examples to life through customer testimonials and success stories in your direct mail, social profiles, website and other marketing collateral. Lastly, explaining your company history can instill confidence in your company and the value that you offer.
  4. Use psychology. It may sound odd at first, but it’s true. The way that consumers make buying decisions is very complex. This recent blog post is chock full of fascinating findings and advice on making tiny shifts in your advertising that can improve response, such as how the number 9 subconsciously conveys “deal.” This is one of my favorite blog posts to date.

Focusing on your value should not only help you sell better, but it should also help you create a “valuable” (no pun intended) connection with your customers.

Tell me what you do when a potential customer says “I just can’t afford you.” I’m curious to hear what tactics you’ve learned and what methods you’ve used to overcome that, too.



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