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Posted by Stephanie Brandt on Apr 10, 2013 in Guest Posts, Mother's Day | 0 comments

Mother’s Day DIY Generation Necklace

My mother is an amazing woman, and so is my grandmother. Both were single mothers who had to raise their children alone. My grandmother was so excited to come home and tell her husband she was going to have a baby after years of trying, only to find out he was leaving her for another woman that very day. My mother was a single mom who fell in love again, only to have the love of her life killed in a tragic car accident. My family knows tragedy, but we also know triumph. The women in my life know what it means to overcome and to be strong.

This necklace represents four generations: My grandmother, my mother, myself and my son — and our birthstone colors. This necklace means so much to me, and I’m making one each for my mother and grandmother as their Mother’s Day gifts. This could also just be made out of the birthstones of each child for one mother. It’s so simple and easy to make…

Generations Necklace How-To


  • Fishing line
  • Crystals representing the color of each birthstone
  • Sterling silver post
  • Sterling silver clasp with hook
  • Crimping beads* (large enough to fit fishing wire through 2 times)
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers


  1. Place crystals on post.
  2. Snip post with 6-7mm of wire that you will roll with needle nose pliers to make a loop at the top.
  3. Run fishing wire through hole at end of crystal post.
  4. Take a measurement around your neck to make sure the length is appropriate.
  5. Attach end clasps to fishing wire by tying knots or using crimping beads.

*The beads for this necklace were purchased at The Potomac Bead Company. Check out their YouTube channel for other great how-tos.


Mother’s Day DIY Generation Necklace

Guest blogger Stephanie Brandt is a DealPro and founder of Debt Free Spending, a website helping others learn how to get rid of debt through couponing, budgeting and living frugally.



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