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$100 Instant Win


Since 1988, Valpak customers have won hundreds of thousands of dollars – just by opening their Valpak envelopes. And you could be the next winner!

Here’s how it works:

If you see this on the outside of your Valpak envelope:


There could be $100 inside!

Yes, Valpak puts REAL $100 checks made out to “CASH” (vouchers in Canada) in random, specially marked envelopes every month.* So the next time you open your Valpak envelope, look inside to see if you’re a $100 instant winner!

I treated my family to dinner using the $100 and a Valpak coupon!
Sharon S., Houston, TX


“Thank you for the $100 check I found in my Valpak envelope. When I first saw the check, I couldn't believe it was real, but after cashing it at the bank, I was thrilled! Thanks, Valpak, for making my wallet a little fatter and my day a lot brighter.”
Merry H., San Antonio, TX

“What fun! I couldn’t believe it was real. Then my husband and I fought over whom it belonged to – I won!”
Joanne C., Potomac, MD

“I couldn’t believe I had $100 in my hand! Wow! All day I went around telling everyone about Valpak. I enjoyed telling others about the check and also having extra spending money in my pocket. Thank you!”
Lania S., Englewood, OH

“There are excellent coupons to many businesses that I patronize. I told all my friends it pays to open Valpak.”
Jan H., Irvin, TX

” I was totally surprised, because I was looking for good coupons and found a check. Then I called up family and friends to tell them about our blessing.”
Jeffrey & Lavern T., Lauderhill, FL

“I was surprised and little skeptical but was very impressed with your integrity.”
Elisabeth C. S., Lawrenceville, GA

“When I open Valpak, I expect to find coupons and offers that I can use. I never expected to find a check! ”
Maria K., Peachtree City, GA

“I did not believe what I was seeing. I took it to work and showed it to my co-workers.”
Willie G. B., Bladensburg, MD

“I couldn’t believe it! I never win anything. I told all my friends about it. You could win cash, plus there are many coupons that I use. ”
Maria Y., Kentwood, MI

“Talk about getting money in the mail. Wow my Valpak envelope was extra generous this time. Among those great coupons was a check for $100.00. It didn't quite sink in at first but when it did WOW! I am certainly glad I am a Valpak fan. I have used your coupons for years, saved some money and met some great businesses. Thanks very much.”
Donna S., Loveland, CO

“Wow!!! I was going thru my Valpak coupons and to my surprise I see “You've won $100 No Strings Attached” I couldn't believe it - I never win anything. Thank you Valpak please continue to send my coupons I do use them I also share a few with friends who love them as well.”
Instant Winner from Grand Prairie, TX

“I always open my Valpak coupons and was well aware of the instant winner cash prize. That did not, however, prepare me for the shock of opening my envelope and having a $100 check fall into my lap!”
Elisabeth S., Orchard Park, NY


*Valpak $100 Instant Win Giveaway. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY. Void where prohibited by law. Checks are randomly inserted in specially marked Valpak envelopes. Your chances are 1 in 50,000 that a $100 check is inside. Vouchers are randomly inserted in Canada. Odds are 1 in 50,000 that a voucher is inside. Winners must correctly answer, unaided, a time limited skill testing question prior to being awarded their prize. Prizes are in USD. Vouchers will be void 30 days from issue date.


  1. The timing for this check was just terrific, a few things i needed i now could get. thank you valpak

  2. I do not receive a Valpack envelope at my house, so how can I have any chance of receiving a $100 check?

    • Hi Barbara,
      You can request to have your address added to the mailing list. Valpak is run by independent franchisees that mail to specific carrier routes in neighborhoods they choose. Mailings can only be sent to postal routes serviced by our franchisees. Please email with your complete mailing address and it will be submitted.

  3. My grandmother was about to throw the ValPak away. Good thing I stopped her because inside was a check for $100 dollars. It for sure came at the perfect time. Thank you for making Christmas for my son possible.


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