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Credit Card Theft Prevention - CARD ALERT STICKERS

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Card Alert Stickers are designed to conceal your credit (debit) card information while using your card outside the home and alert you if someone has attempted to take this information.  Card Alert Stickers also protects against data-skimming.  Shop, dine and travel with peace of mind with affordable, professional specially designed stickers.

Credit Card Fraud Facts

It has been reported that fraudulent credit card purchases is one of the biggest concerns for consumers.  Card Hub,

The consumer-friendly Card Alert Stickers assist cardholders when using their credit/debit cards outside of the home by concealing critical card data, including the first 12 digits of the account number and the security code located on the card. Shop, dine and travel safer.

In 2011, “85% of all fraudulent debit card transactions involved signature ‘verification.’” Card Hub,

The easy to use Card Alert Stickers provide obvious "CHECK PHOTO ID" instructions for the signature block of the credit/debit cards. 

How it Works!
The cardholder applies the “Only To Be Removed By Cardholder” Card Alert Sticker over the first 12 digits of the credit/debit card number located on the front of the card, thereby leaving only the last four digits exposed for card verification with receipt.  The Card Alert Sticker states that the sticker may only be removed by the cardholder.  If a third-party attempts to remove the Card Alert Sticker to reveal the concealed digits of the credit/debit account number, the tamper-evident feature contained within the Card Alert Stickers will be evident, thereby alerting the cardholder that their card may have been exposed to possible theft.  The cardholder may then notify the credit/debit card company that their card may be compromised. 

Some cards may still contain embossed raised numbers on the front of the card.  The embossed numbers create “recessed” numbers on the backside of cards.  The Card Alert Stickers contain a separate tamper-evident sticker that can be placed over the “recessed” numbers to further conceal the first 12 digits of the account number. 

Importantly, to increase the likelihood that the cardholder’s ID is checked every time the credit/debit card is used outside the home, the Card Alert Sticker instructs the clerk to “STOP and check PHOTO ID.” 

The Card Alert Stickers are specially designed to conceal the security code on the card and expressly states, “DO NOT REMOVE” and contains the tamper-evident feature.

For those occasions when the cardholder would like to use the card information for online or telephone purchases, cardholders may want to keep the card’s full 16 digit account number and the security code on the  card in a secure place.  Once the Card Alert Stickers are removed they cannot be reapplied due to the tamper-evident feature being triggered.

Card Alert Stickers are designed to conceal critical credit/debit card account data and alert the cardholder when this data may have been compromised.  Card Alert Stickers are not designed to eliminate all credit/debit card fraud.

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Marketing Message All of us know someone who has had their credit card information stolen while using their cards outside the home, including the people at Card Alert Stickers., It has been reported that Javelin Strategy & Research, found that the number of Americans that were victims of identity theft increased to more than 13 million in 2013, representing a significant jump from 2012., In fact, it was because the people at Card Alert Stickers have had personal experiences with having their credit card information stolen on more than one occasion while traveling, dining out and shopping, that Card Alert Stickers was developed., We all know the extremely inconvenient drill when your card data is stolen. First, you must notify the credit card company. Then you have to wait several painful days for a replacement card to arrive. Then you need to take the time to verify the new card. After all that, the credit card company may dispute that the fraudulent charges you have identified on your account are actually fraudulent, which can put you in a very difficult situation., Moreover, losing the use of your credit card never happens at a "convenient" time. Rather, it happens when you are about to start a family vacation, travel on business, enjoy a celebration, or make a time-sensitive special purchase., Most importantly, when your credit (debit) card information is stolen, the bad guys are one more step closer to stealing your entire identity, which we know can be an endless nightmare. Don't be caught in this frustrating and vulnerable position. Take charge and guard your cards with the affordable, effective and professional Card Alert Stickers., SAFER DINING, SAFER SHOPPING SAFER TRAVEL.
Specialties While Card Alert Stickers are designed to fit the majority of credit cards, Card Alert Stickers can also be modified to fit any type of credit (debit) card. For those cards with less account numbers, simply trim the Card Alert Sticker to conceal all but the last four digits of the card number or wrap the excess part of the sticker to the back of the card.