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Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo (Thurmont, MD)

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo in Frederick County holds more than 350 animals on some 30 acres. The zoo is easily navigated by children, and the tall trees and winding paths make for comfortable walking. Exotic animals here include tigers, macaws, monkeys, and boas. A petting zoo allows kids to mingle with goats and other small animals. Throughout summer there are interactive shows, when the little ones can touch snakes and learn about grizzlies.

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13019 CATOCTIN FURNACE ROAD Thurmont, MD 21788

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About Us

  • Bringing People and Animals Together in a Safe, Relaxed, Personal and All Natural Atmosphere.
  • Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is a private, family-owned and professionally operated facility. Since 1966, animals have been our extended family. We know their names, histories, and needs. And we know how important wildlife and their natural habitats are to the future.
  • We hope that through our personal style of education and introduction, these wonderful creatures will become your extended family, too. Together, we'll make sure they and their wild-living relatives enjoy the future they deserve.


  • Welcome to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo where people and animals get closer together. Ramble over 50 beautifully wooded and landscaped acres and gardens hosting animals who jump, swim, fly, roar and tweet to greet you.
  • Endearing Sun Bears, energetic Lemurs from Madagascar, kinky Kangaroo and Dingo from "down under" and some of the rarest and most entertaining monkeys in the world await you. Dangle your fingers among a hundred of brilliantly colored Japanese Koi in the Japanese Garden and watch the sunlight on the ripples of it's calming waters. Feed the dozens of free flying ducks and geese wandering among our ponds.


More adventuresome? African Lions, Asian Tigers, South American Jaguar, Arctic Wolves, American Alligators and oriental Sun Bears all live and breed on our grounds. Delve into the depths of Africa, Asia and the America's on our Wildife Safari Adventure within a breathe of two ton Buffalo snorting up the steps of your Safari carrier. Laugh as the gawky camels and amazing Zebra keep pace with your Safari driver. Magnificent hoofed animals from around the globe enjoy a pet and feeding opportunity f


Open seasonally each year, with hours changing as warm summer weather allows more and more of our exotic animals to enjoy Maryland's outdoor environment.

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    13019 CATOCTIN FURNACE ROAD Thurmont, MD
    2.4 mi away