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Income Tax Return Made Easy

Filing your income taxes can be daunting, but not with Liberty Tax. Liberty Tax Service’s skilled tax preparers help individuals and small businesses navigate through the mountain of complicated documents and records during tax season. We have trained tax professionals who provide year-round support including audit assistance, how to file your income tax return, tax credits, adding eligible dependents, education and more. We are trained in state and federal tax laws and know how to get you the maximum tax return you’re owed.  Our tax refund options include the fastest way to get your tax refund check including direct deposit, prepaid debit card and electronic refund check. Our work is guaranteed! Print our income tax coupon!

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  • File Income Taxes
  • E-filing Return (Electronic Tax Filing)
  • Healthcare Reform Information

Tax Refund Options

  • Paper Check: Approximately 4-6 weeks
  • Direct Deposit: About 21 days
  • Prepaid Debit Card: About 21 days
  • Electronic Refund Check or Deposit: About 21 days

Tax School

  • Learn about:
  • -Filing information and status
  • -Exemptions and dependents, and wages,
  • salaries and tips, etc.
  • -Interest, dividends and other income, standard deduction and itemized deductions
  • -Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, Child and Dependent Care Expenses
  • -Basis of property and capital gains
  • -Depreciation, profit or loss from a business and Schedule E's
  • -IRA deduction, student loan interest deduction, moving expenses and all other adjustments

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