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LUNA Power Bank Portable Chargers

Never be without power again.  The LUNA Power Bank is perfect for Smart Phones and other USB devices.  Visit today and use coupon code VP20.  Free S&H within the USA.

Portable battery charger as seen on HSN with a $20 off coupon & free shipping.

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LUNA Power Bank Portable Chargers

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  • $20 Off Coupon Portable Charger Or iPhone Battery Charger + Free S&H
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Why Different?

  • Featured on HSN & the Today Show. Watch our video above!
  • Available in multiple colors
  • We use genuine SAMSUNG batteries versus our competitor's rechargeable battery packs

LUNA Benefits

  • More Bang For The Buck than the big guys
  • No need to shut down your device to change batteries
  • Charges while you still use the device

Who uses it?

  • Power Users
  • Outdoors
  • Travelling
  • Emergency

What Do LUNA portable charges do?

Not all portable chargers perform the same. While some may look alike on the outside, it's what's inside that really counts. That's why every LUNA Power Bank portable charger features genuine Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries made by SAMSUNG, the world leader in consumer electronics. This highest quality standard translates to maximum power in a smaller, lighter battery, faster recharge times, more recharge cycles, and extended shelf life, all of which put LUNA Power Bank far ahead of the pack

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    LUNA Power Bank Portable Chargers