National Coupon Month | September 2012 | Valpak

Happy SAVE-tember!

Like you, we’re all about getting a great deal on the things we want and need so we’re renaming September to SAVE-tember in honor of National Coupon Month!

To celebrate the art of saving, we’re sharing this collection of savings advice, contests, Coupon-a-thon Challenge, laughs, and even a live video webcast so you can pose your hot savings questions to leading DealPros from our friends at on how to live well – on a budget.

Savings Playbook & Coupon-a-thon Challenge

We created the total savings playbook so you can save at grocery stores, malls and local retailers like a pro. Can you save every day for a month? The Coupon-a-Thon has daily expert tips to help you score big savings, plus you can discover what kind of couponer you are!

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Test Your Savings Smarts SAVE-tember calendar of events

Savings Tips!

Easy and impactful tips to help you extend your budget while still enjoying your fun and family time. Perfect for Pinning and Sharing with friends.

Because Saving IS FUN!

You’re proud of your savvy saving and clever couponing, right? So share your love of (paying) less with some fun pics that you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or wherever you like to get social. Because saving money is fun, right?


Hi, I’m Toni Anderson.

I’m the founder of, a website dedicated to helping others live well on less. When I’m not helping others become better managers of their homes, I love spending time with my family, homeschooling my kids, and exercising.

Hi, I’m Karen Rodriguez.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family, Child and Consumer Sciences from Florida State University. I’m married with 2 children, and I now devote my free time to helping families save money locally and nationally with my website

Hi, I’m Lauren Greutman.

As the author of the website ‘I Am THAT Lady,’ I have a passion for helping people become freed from debt, and I think that coupons and meal planning are a way to start that process. Five years ago I was in over $40,000 worth of debt, and I turned to coupons to help decrease my $1,000 grocery bill a month to a $200 per month budget. I have a very simple approach to teaching people how to save in the grocery store, and I regularly save 50-75% off my grocery bill every month. I also eat gluten free and I’m still able to save money for my family despite having a food allergy.

Hi, I’m Sara Steigerwald.

I got started with couponing out of necessity. After years of infertility treatments, my husband and I were blessed with a daughter through invitro-fertilization. Coupled with the debt from infertility treatments and wanting to take a year off to stay home with my daughter, my way of spending had to change. Coupons afforded me those opportunities and the finances to have another daughter and take another year off. Coupons have since become a lifestyle. Even though I’m back to work, coupons are helping me attain new goals to be debt-free and afford my girls’ college education.

Hi, I’m Briana Carter.

I help readers save money while shopping by utilizing effecting couponing methods. I’ve been a hardcore couponer since 2006, which is why they call me “Bargain Briana.” I involve my family of six in saving money & clipping coupons. In my household, being called a “Coupon Freak” is a term of endearment.

Test Your Savings Smarts!

Think you know all the coupon lingo? Know your savings style? Test your skills with a fun Coupon Quiz!

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