Top 3 Coupon Market Takeaways from Valpak’s 2018 Readership Study

Since 2001, Valpak’s Readership Study has been the consistent consumer engagement survey for The Blue Envelope®. The results of this year’s study are in – and they’re too good not to share.

The Methodology

Valpak partnered with third-party firm and industry leader Research Now to conduct this year’s survey. To ensure an accurate sample, we focused on our current mailing areas with quotas aligned to the Valpak household audience – including age gender, ethnicity, dwelling type and geography. Over 1,500 surveys were completed, with a ±2.43% margin of error.

The Results

Now let’s get to the good stuff. We ask the same set of core questions each year to gauge trends in our open rates, brand awareness and audience engagement. For insight into contemporary issues, like this year’s $100 Instant Win program, we rotate in a few new questions to ask respondents.

The results of this year’s study, once again, prove the Valpak audience is highly engaged, highly motivated and drive more results for our advertisers.

1. Engagement

The readership study confirmed that Valpak continues to mail to a highly engaged audience. Among the households that recall receiving Valpak, nine out of 10 (92%) opened and looked through the Valpak envelope and 85% looked at every envelope insert.

The Valpak audience isn’t just looking at the inserts, they’re using them too. Of the households that opened their envelopes, 51% used Valpak coupons once a month to every three months. 65% set aside 1-3 coupons they intend to share or use in the future.

2. New Coupon Envelope Design

We wanted to know if the new envelope design and Instant Win promotion were motivating audiences to open the envelope. 85% thought the new Valpak envelope looked more modern and up to date, and 69% were inspired to open the envelope because of the new look. 59% of respondents were more likely to open the envelope because of the $100 Instant Win program.

3. What Consumers Want

We asked what types of businesses participants would like to see in The Blue Envelope. The top five ranked categories were:

  1. Grocery,Shopping & Stores
  2. Fast Food Restaurants
  3. Pharmacies/Drugstores
  4. Department Stores
  5. Movie Rentals &Movie Theaters

Final Thoughts

Through 50 years of direct mail experience, Valpak continues to lead the industry by providing dynamic advertising solutions for local businesses. How do we do it? Our Blue Envelope is sent to nearly 40 million households in the U.S. and Canada each month, targeting homes with discretionary income to spend. By targeting our advertisers’ messages and sending them at the right frequency, we ensure no wasted coverage and maximum ROI.

If you’re struggling with the best way to market your business, or just want to talk advertising, contact your local Valpak representative today.

Source: 2018 Valpak® Readership Study, Research Now®, May 2018.

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