Smiling Employee Improves Business For Customers

3 Reasons Smiling is Good for Business

It’s common advice to smile when you’re feeling sad, but did you know that smiling more often can also help your business too? Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of a smile. Here we’ll take a look at what can make a great smile so valuable to your customer experience and bottomline.

A Smile Makes You Seem More Trustworthy and Likable

Researchers at the University of York have discovered the mouth is the most important part of the face for determining trustworthiness and the bigger the smile, the better. This works in images on social media as well as in person for first impressions. Make sure to smile in photographs that represent your business. You can smile while networking or making a business deal to put the other person at ease and encourage them to like and trust you.

Smiling Will Make You Happier and More Productive

Smiling has been shown to lower stress levels and this works even when you force yourself to smile. Happy people work harder and that’s not just conjecture, it’s been studied by a team of economists who proved that happier workers were the most productive. Try to cultivate an environment that’s good for you and your staff as well as your clients.

It’s Contagious

Imitation is more than the highest form of flattery, it’s also part of how we socialize according to Neuroscientist Marco Iacoboni. Smiling can create a more positive environment when the people around you start to smile too. Boost morale and create a friendly atmosphere by keeping a smile on your face during internal meetings.

Get Started Today:

Now that you know how a smile can improve your business it’s time to take action.

  • Evaluate your business environment from a client’s point of view to see how friendly it is.
  • Look at your staff that is the most client-facing. Is there a need for improvement?
  • Get your staff to deliver more smiles in their interactions with customers.

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