Marketing For The Summer Season

3 Tips to Match Summer Offers with Consumer Demand

Are you unsure of what your summer marketing offer should be, or whether your marketing campaign should even have a seasonal approach? Here are some ways to pair your summertime marketing with consumer demand in order to boost your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Summer is Coming

Memorial Day and the 4th of July will be here before we know it. Depending on where you live, the upcoming weeks and months are the prime time to start marketing to consumers with the shift towards summer in mind.

How does your business naturally link to summer holidays, weather and travel? For example, historical data shows that more people are on the road in the summertime and more road trips are being planned. If you are an auto repair shop, you can capitalize on this seasonal opportunity to get people into your business. A 4th of July promotion for oil changes (including an upsell for tires and brakes) will allow your customers to keep their families safe while traveling this summer, along with a discounted tune up.

Understand Seasonal Consumer Behavior

It’s important to look at historical data from the years past. Do you notice any changes in the products and services that brought people in the door? What were they most likely to buy? Look for trends you might not have been aware of.

Weather can play a large role too. Even if you don’t think that forecast impacts your industry, it likely has a larger effect than you think. Just as inclement weather helps determine the Campbell’s Soup Company’s advertising decisions, marketers can make better business decisions based on short- and long-term weather patterns (think sunblock, bottled water, and air conditioners in a heat wave).

Identify Your Business Goals for the Summer

What are your summer business goals? If your storefront is located somewhere with heavy tourist traffic, summer could be a great time to attract a new audience. Or, could you expand your existing clientele…even introduce a new product? It’s important to think about what you’re actually trying to achieve in the summer months: more foot traffic, more phone calls, more leads from your website, sales of a particular product, etc.

This can vary depending on your industry or the type of business you have, but by having clear goals of what you are looking for during the summer months, you can make more intelligent marketing decisions that will impact those goals. For instance, a sporting goods store wanting to finally clear its winter stock, can organize summer holiday sales to empty the shelves and bump their bottom line. Similarly, an ice cream parlor should identify in-store sales goals between Memorial Day and Labor Day – its busiest season.

Get Your Business Ready to Shine

As customers prepare for summer activities, including road trips, family vacations, and fun in the sun, it’s critical to anticipate their needs as well as yours. Now’s the time to inject summer into your marketing strategy. Try staying one step ahead of the weather, take advantage of Memorial Day to clear revenue and boost sales, and consider rewarding customers who post photos or promote your business via social media. By promoting your business effectively in the summer, you can benefit from the warm weather trend and grow your business too.

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