Reasons For Print Combined With Digital Coupon Strategy

5 Reasons for a Combined Print and Digital Coupon Strategy

From grocery store newspaper coupons, to coupon codes and discounts online, in today’s digital age people are always curious about how they can get a discount for something they really need or want.

According to recent research, 70% of Americans still use print-based coupons for discounts in addition to digital promotions. Statistics show that digital coupon usage is trending upward; increasing from 112.5 million users in 2014 to a projected 126.9 million in 2016. Mobile is also an increasingly important trend, as mobile coupons are redeemed at ten times the rate of traditional coupons.

But in today’s marketplace, one thing is clear. Your coupon strategy should include both print AND digital if you want to keep pace with the competition.

Let’s discuss five key reasons your coupon strategy needs to include print and digital, along with some quick tips for success in both.

1. Print with Digital Expands Your Reach

There’s no doubting that consumers have their preferences in regards to how they want to use their coupons. Some simply want physical, paper coupons while others want to be able to access offers in their devices and easily present them at checkout. By integrating print and digital coupons into your strategy, you can increase the reach of your marketing efforts simply by being in more places than one. Consider how social media can play a part in increasing the reach of your coupons as well. For example, if someone redeems an offer they see online or in their newsfeed they can easily share that promotion to their friends and their network. This type of engagement will automatically expand the reach of your marketing efforts with very little effort from the business or advertiser.

2. Provides Customers More Access to Information

Customers are always on the lookout for additional information with regards to coupons. Think about whether or not they need to read the fine print on the coupons for things like valid locations or expiration dates. Are there any other restrictions they need to be aware of? Even if it’s a fairly straightforward offer, using print advertising to direct traffic towards your digital channels gives consumers an additional place to go to for more detailed information on your offer, business, or product. You might be surprised to learn that around 35% of consumers still rely on flyers, newspapers, and other printed materials when searching for deals, so don’t ignore print as an important source of information for your customers.

3. Offline Advertising Can Create Online Tracking

By this, we mean that your print ads can direct people to a specific web URL that might be key to your marketing efforts. Using this URL in your print ads will help point consumers to specific information that will be most helpful to them. You’ll then be able to track and monitor analytics of that specific webpage for whatever your key metrics are (downloads, purchases, page views, etc.). For example, H&M recently ran a coupon campaign for discounted clothing in order to drive people to their “Find Your Nearest Store” webpage.

4. Increases Brand Awareness

When it comes to creating brand awareness, the more channels the better. That’s why when you use both print and digital, you’re creating multiple touch points that will go a long way in terms of consumers recognizing your brand. It increases the probability that you’ll be top of mind the next time they look to make a purchase. In fact, 68% of consumers believe that coupons serve to increase brand awareness. But overall, using both print and digital simply increases the amount of marketing touch points you’ll have for each consumer, regardless of their preference of medium.

5. Extends Accessibility Beyond the Inbox/Mailbox

Reaching customers via print or digital each has its own unique challenges. If you only use digital, it’s possible that your emails are going into the spam folder or people aren’t seeing it because they’re not going online enough. For print, there’s the potential that your coupons can get mixed in with everything else and get immediately added to the recycle bin. By using both, you can reach customers at their home with print and while they’re on the go with mobile. Using mobile is key because it gives them the real time option of using the coupon. Maybe they didn’t get the mailer or forgot the coupon at home. But, if your offer is available digitally the customer will have access to the offer anytime, anywhere they have their smartphone or device.

By now you should understand why your coupon strategy needs to include print and digital. By leveraging both mediums, you’ll be able to reach your target audience effectively with your offers, no matter which they prefer.



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