Video Marketing For Business Websites

5 Ways Videos On Your Site Can Increase Sales

Video marketing can be a valuable component in any marketing strategy and with online video marketing accounting for over half of all mobile data traffic, businesses are utilizing video content on their websites now, more than ever!

But, How Does a Video Increase Sales?

1. Videos Explain Complicated Ideas

Is your product or service slightly difficult to comprehend? Do you often find that customers are asking the same questions? Online video marketing offers an easy and accessible way to provide information to the customer that’s understandable, ultimately increasing the likelihood of converting a prospect to a customer.

2. Videos Convey Information Easily

People are exposed to different types of information constantly, and your video content can help you provide information to prospects without them having to sort through the pages of your website. Your video content can also include a call-to-action, like an instructional video with a click-to-call button to speak to a representative.

3. Videos Improve Landing Page Conversions

As you fight to get beyond the first blink, a recent study revealed that web users viewing online videos stay on a site two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to make a purchase.

4. Videos Increase Your Reach

Potential customers can share your content on social media which increases your exposure to decision makers in households and businesses. Remember, videos increase engagement with potential customers.

5. Videos Create Credibility

Your video content allows you to increase your brand’s value and become a thought leader in your industry. It helps you build authority and trust which is a key component for purchasing decisions.

How to Start Your Video Marketing

All businesses can create a video marketing strategy. Here are a few helpful video marketing tips you can use to get started today.

Determine what your customers need

Do you want to explain FAQ’s, give production information, or educate customers about services offered? What would be the most useful information to include? For example, a hairdresser might provide valuable tips about products while a DJ or videographer might include videos of themselves working different events.

Learn from yourself

Have you used videos in the past? What types of results did you achieve? What can you do differently this time? Be sure to take note of what’s worked and what hasn’t… and maybe even solicit some unbiased feedback on past and new videos so you can learn from them and grow.

Determine what steps you can take to produce your own video content

Based on your needs, capabilities, and budget, videos can be created easily with little cost or can be rather expensive if you have something very specific in mind. Sometimes a simple video recorded on a smartphone will do, and for more involved projects you can always hire an expert.

2015 is the year of video marketing because it allows you to explain something complicated, quickly convey information, maximize landing page conversions, and can increase your reach and create credibility. We suggest you think about developing your businesses video marketing strategy today, so you can grow sales tomorrow!


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