How To Design A Website That Fits Your Business

7 Signs You Need an Updated Website Design

Do you ever wonder if your website is doing its job to bring in new prospects and showcase your unique brand? Your website is a crucial marketing tool for your business and if you have doubts about whether or not it is serving its purpose, you may need a site redesign.

You don’t have to know how to design a website, but you do need to know what changes might be needed. Here are seven signs, or reasons, why you might want to invest in a redesign for your business’ website.

1. Site Isn’t Optimized for Search Engines

Having your website rank in search results is crucial to your business. Search Engine Optimization is an important technique that allows you to incorporate keywords on each page of your website, target your service offerings to specific areas of the globe and increase your website’s chances of showing up in search engine results to bring more traffic to your site.

Optimizing your site can increase your pagerank by adding keywords, quality content, links and much more. If your website has been penalized by Google and isn’t showing up in search results, it may be a good option to do a complete redesign and ensure your updated site is optimized for search engines.

2. Web Design Is Not Responsive

How does your site look on other devices, like a tablet or mobile phone? If your site’s design doesn’t adjust to fit various different screen and device sizes, odds are it’s not responsive. A responsive site automatically responds to the device that is being used to browse the site and adapts so mobile phone, tablet and laptop users can view the site perfectly.

PEW Research study indicated that at least 63% of adult cell phone users use their phones to go online and browse the internet. In April, Google changed its algorithm changed its algorithm to rank sites based on whether they are mobile-friendly.

Websites that aren’t mobile friendly have been impacted by this update, so your website NEEDS to be responsive if you want it to rank well online. Plus, you should want visitors and customers to have the best possible experience when viewing your site, and a responsive redesign can make that possible.

3. Lacks Modern Design

Does your site look old, have too much text or low resolution images? Modern website web design trends are always changing so if your site was designed in 2007, or even 2010, you may need a redesign to get up-to-date.

If your site is filled with broken links, out-of-date rich media, old content, a poor-quality logo and elements of Flash, you can redesign it with a new clean and modern theme that is responsive, professional and meets your budget.

4. Slow Page Load Speed & Poor Navigation

Have you ever waited minutes or even several seconds for a site to load? If your answer is no, odds are other people aren’t going to wait long for your site to load either so it needs to show up quickly before visitors lose patience. Nearly half of all web users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load in three seconds or less.

Having a confusing layout and navigation won’t help visitors stick around either. If your website has dozens of pages and is difficult to navigate, this can leave visitors feeling confused, frustrated and ready to move on to the next site.

If your website is taking a while to load and you’re missing out on visitors and customers as a result, your site could be weighed down by large images and out-of-date elements that need to be removed and/or updated.

5. Doesn’t Serve A Purpose 

Your website should be focused on your customers and other visitors who may stumble across your site. While a good business website describes the company accurately along with the products and services provided, stopping there doesn’t really clearly communicate how you can help add value.

To make your website more customer-centric, you may not need a completely new redesign, but it couldn’t hurt. Drafting new content that showcases the value you offer and integrating it into a new design that really pops and captures other people’s attention can be very beneficial.

6. Doesn’t Use Social Media

More than 52% of adults online use two or more social media sites regularly. In fact, according to a survey conducted by HubSpot last year, 80% of marketers indicated that social media helped increase traffic to their website. This is why it’s so important to have a website design that integrates social media elements.

To engage with your audience more, your website should feature social media in some way. Your site should include links to your social media profiles so prospects can connect with you along with social sharing tools so people can easily share, tweet or pin content and pages from your website.

7. Website Doesn’t Match Business Focus

Maybe you’re rebranding or your current website just doesn’t match the message you are trying to convey anymore. Your website is a huge part of your business and it should reflect your goals and remain consistent with your brand.

Business goals change over time, but so does technology, so it’s quite easy to get someone to design a new logo and design a website that is up-to-date with what you are trying to portray.

You may also want to capture a different audience or improve your conversions by implementing simple features of new website designs. For example, vertically designed sites capture visitors’ attention more than horizontally designed sites and websites with hints of lighter shades of colors like green, blue and purple attract more readers.

Get Started Today

Is your website holding your business back due to any of these flaws? We encourage you to go through this list again to determine how a website redesign can be a huge benefit.

Depending on your budget, you can hire an affordable web design company to help with the redesign or you can enlist a tech savvy member of your team. Remember, don’t skimp on your website when it comes to freshening up this powerful aspect of your business. It’s one of the most valuable marketing tools you have.

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