Best Home Improvement Offers For Summer Conversions

8 Home Improvement Offers That Convert for Summer

In a 2013 survey, a full 60% of homeowners said they planned to undertake a home improvement project over the summer, spending on average $1,200.  Landscapers, general contractors, and other businesses operating in the home improvement sphere can capitalize on the popularity of summer for such projects by offering a special or promotion on some of the most popular improvements.

1. Bathroom Remodeling

While many summer projects focus on outdoor spaces — backyards, pools, and gardens — a large percentage of homeowners also plan improvements to their bathroom over the summer. Glass shower doors, new vanities, and other projects that can help bring more light into a small space are especially popular.

2. Landscaping

With all the summer picnics and BBQs, many homeowners want a backyard space for entertaining. The possibilities here range from large projects like installing a new patio or deck, to smaller aesthetic improvements such as installing a bird bath or adding red cedar mulch over a flower bed.

3. Lawn Care

The summer heat can be tough on lawns. Some busy homeowners opt to pay a company to come and perform regular lawn maintenance (mowing, fertilizing) or have an automatic sprinkler system installed. Others, especially those in drought areas like California, are opting to replace their current lawns with more eco-friendly alternatives such as clover, and moss.

4. Heating & Cooling

In places in the southern US where it’s hot year round, central cooling is much more of a commodity than a luxury. And when the air conditioning breaks down, people get cranky, fast. Market your HVAC repair company as being able to provide reliable, and speedy repairs, and you’ll have more business than you can handle next heat wave.

5. Window Replacement

Efficient, properly installed windows are essential to keeping a house cool with air conditioning. And without them homeowners will see their electricity bills skyrocketing during the summer and winter. Older homes, built before the advent of modern double-pane, low-E glass windows are especially vulnerable to high energy costs. In some areas, homeowners can even receive a tax credit for updating their homes to more energy efficient windows.

6. Roofing

As with windows, having a structurally sound roof with proper insulation in the attic can save homeowners a fortune on future heating and cooling costs. Summer is also a good time to inspect and repair any roofs which may have become damaged by ice during the winter months.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Gazebos, wicker sofas, and garden swings are all highly coveted backyard accoutrements during the summer months. Providing customers with a deal on the furniture that lets them enjoy their backyard spaces — possibly coupled with a patio or deck installation? — will have them flocking to your business in large numbers.

8. Swimming Pools

The ultimate summertime backyard feature, pools are also expensive to maintain, and homeowners with pools are always on the lookout for a deal. Offering specials on pool cleaning services, or discounts on pool toys and accessories is a great way to drive conversions of affluent customers who may look to your company for future business.

Which of these projects is best for your company will obviously vary based on the kind of work you do, as well as your location (there’s a lot more pools in Florida than Minnesota). But whatever you choose, here are some ways to get started:

Get Started Today

  • Look at your historical data and see what products or services people are calling for during the summer months.
  • Decide the best timing for your promotional offers. Projects that improve outdoor spaces are generally more popular in the beginning of the summer. That way homeowners have the whole season to enjoy their new yards.
  • To help plan your strategy, look at your competition to see what types of promotions they’re running.
    • Are they successful?
    • When are they being run?

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