9 Benefits to Working with a Local Marketing Specialist

If you’re a small local business getting ready to embark on a marketing campaign, using a locally based marketing specialist can provide enormous benefits to your business. Choosing to work with someone who is local means you will be getting a marketing representative who understands the things that make both your neighborhood and your market unique, which can provide many advantages over using a large, distantly located marketing firm.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your local, neighborhood marketing specialist is the way to go:

1. They Understand Your Market

Someone who is a part of the same local community as your business has the unique advantage of understanding what makes local residents tick, because they’re one of them. A local marketing specialist will have experiential knowledge about how news events and market trends affect your community, making them able to adapt their marketing efforts in a way that can use these local shifts in opinion to the benefit of your business.

2. They Understand Your Customers

Every market is different, often in subtle ways. The ways in which consumers shop, buy and research the businesses they use can vary not only between neighboring towns, but even between different neighborhoods in the same city. A local marketing representative will be able to understand the needs and motivations of your neighborhood–and they might even be a neighbor!

3. They Know What Works and What Doesn’t in Your Area

A marketing specialist who is native to your area has seen other local businesses succeed and fail. By having a sense of the history of your industry and market, they can help you avoid the mistakes made by local businesses that came before you.

4. You Can Meet Them in Person

Technology allows people to communicate over long distances, and this is undoubtedly a good thing. But, it can’t replace the strength of the relationships you can form with a marketing partner who you can easily have a face to face chat with when needed. This also provides them with a wealth of knowledge because they can visit your place of business, interact with your customers, and use that information to better guide you.

5.   They Can Create Networking Opportunities

Having a local relationship with your marketing specialist or media sales rep comes with great opportunities for networking. They’ll be able to introduce you to other business owners, or even potential customers, which can further strengthen the sense of community that working with a local can bring.

6. They’re More Available Than a National Rep

Chances are good that a local marketing professional will have fewer clients than someone working with businesses all over the country, and have stronger relationships with the ones they do have. They’ll have the time and the energy to work closely with you during every step of your marketing campaign.

7. You Improve the Local Economy Together

You’re able to provide a job to a local resident, and in turn they help you boost your sales. It’s a win/win!

Plus, when working with your local Valpak team you can be comforted by the fact that Valpak businesses across the country are locally owned franchises, further supporting your local economy (and sharing many of the same needs and concerns).

8. You Strengthen the Sense of Community in Your Neighborhood

Besides the financial incentives, when you keep your marketing services as local as the rest of your business, you help to bolster the social bonds within your community, making it a better place for everyone to live.

9. They Might Even Patronize Your Business!

These people live and play in your backyard, which means they can offer you something a far off marketer never could—the insight provided by being able to interact with your business on the same level as your customers. They’re able to better understand your needs, as well as the needs of your customers, enabling them to help your business reach its true potential.

What are You Waiting For?

Let’s be honest, having your very own local marketing representative is pretty awesome! Not only do they understand how to implement the sort of marketing campaigns that can attract new business, they understand the nuances of your local market better than another rep ever could.

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