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Get the Inside Scoop on Call Tracking for Small Business Marketing

How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing? Perhaps you’re measuring engagement, shares, page views, and unique visitors to your website. Measurable data is a vital part of understanding whether your campaign is working and which parts of it are having the most impact on ROI.

But in our digital “everything” world, you may be overlooking an important metric that can provide valuable insight into how well your marketing campaign is performing: call tracking. Tracking inbound phone calls can provide valuable data on conversions and can help with keyword research and improving website performance. Call tracking works by assigning a unique phone number to each of your campaigns, allowing you know exactly which keywords, channels, and ad formats are working best.The call is automatically forwarded to your business phone number, allowing you to track which channel generated the call.

Call Tracking is an Effective Business Tool

If your business depends on phone calls for leads and customers, call tracking is an important marketing tool. For dental offices, law firms, real estate agents, plumbers, and other businesses that are heavily dependent on inbound calls, knowing which of your advertisements generated the call is essential.

Call Tracking Benefits

  • Call tracking allows you to track the sources of your phone calls and conversions, so you know how the caller became aware of your business and which specific ads prompted them to contact you.
  • By assigning each channel—organic, PPC, retargeting, and offline ads—a unique call tracking number, marketers can tie leads and conversions back to a specific campaign.
  • Without call tracking, it’s hard to know which ad or channel generated the call. Call tracking allows you to avoid the awkward “How did you hear about us?” inquiry, which can result in vague and nonspecific information.
  • Call tracking provides a number of ways to optimize lead conversion. Calls can be automatically routed to a salesperson. Analyzing call tracking data enables you to optimize PPC campaigns. Analysis of call transcripts provides an effective way to research keywords.
  • By incorporating call recording into your call tracking program, you can gain useful insights about the effectiveness of your sales staff. Find out if they are asking the right questions and using the right tactics to turn a caller into a customer. It will help you understand areas in need of improvement so you can develop training programs to address deficiencies.

Specific Benefits for Marketers

Call tracking allows you to set specific, measurable goals for your advertising campaigns, and track the efficiency of advertising channels, whether it’s a print ad, billboard, or PPC ad. Call tracking can provide greater accuracy in measuring both expenses and ROI for your campaigns, and helps you optimize your marketing budget.

Should You Consider Call Tracking?

  • Does your business receive leads from inbound phone calls?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve lead conversion?
  • Could your business benefit from optimizing your ad spend?

Call tracking provides a number of benefits that can help your business more accurately measure the success of PPC ads and determine marketing ROI. Particularly for businesses that rely on inbound phone calls, call tracking is a good way to improve customer service and lead conversion.

Get Call Tracking for Your Business Today!

  • Start by taking a look at your current ad campaign and how you are currently measuring the success of those ads.
  • Analyze your customer service and lead conversion data to determine areas that could be improved with call tracking.
  • Research options for call tracking programs and perform a cost-benefit analysis.

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