Calculating And Tracking Marketing ROI

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Marketing return on investment (ROI) is notorious for being difficult to calculate, especially when compared to standard ROI. With multiple variables being worked into the mix, tracking the success or failure of a marketing campaign can become a full time job in and of itself. And when your campaign has an offline component, things become even more complex.

At Valpak, we’re cognizant of these tracking problems. We also know that understanding your ROI is an invaluable asset toward effectively measuring and understanding the success of your campaign. That’s why we’ve produced this in-depth guide for tracking your marketing ROI of offline campaigns.

How to Track Marketing ROI Downloadable Guide

In this resource, we’ll discuss:

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior
  • Understanding Seasonality
  • How to Track Marketing ROI
  • Best Practices for Tracking
    • Unique URLs and Landing Pages
    • Call Tracking
    • Maximizing Offers

In addition to this informative guide, we’ve created the Performance Tracking Dashboard to better help our clients understand the impact that a marketing campaign can have on your business and bottom line. This tracker gives you insight into how consumers are responding to your offline marketing campaign. It allows you to look at visits, calls, and other ways that consumers have responded to your print campaign in real time. Having this valuable tool takes performance tracking to a new level. The Performance Tracking Dashboard helps you account for every single marketing dollar you spend, and ultimately helps you make wiser marketing decisions in the future.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the importance of researching and truly understanding consumer behavior, seasonality, how to track ROI of print campaigns, and the role that they play in every solid marketing strategy.

Are you ready to see how your customers are engaging and resonating with your print/offline marketing campaigns? Finally ready to collect your historical data which can be used to improve future marketing efforts? Let our Valpak team help you — download the full guide now and start utilizing these best practices in your own marketing today.

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