9 Ways Holiday Email Marketing Can Save the Season

You’re already knee-deep in the holiday season. If you haven’t had a chance to execute that holiday marketing plan you came up with after missing the boat last holiday season—don’t worry. Email is here to save the season. But, you’d better hurry.

Email offers a lot of different options when it comes to reaching out and enticing consumers to visit your business (and spend money). With a little creativity, you can still draw a good crowd. Here are some ideas for your email holiday marketing:

  1. Send “drip” emails. Drip emails are multiple emails related to the same message. For instance, the first email you send might be an invitation to your holiday event. You can follow that email up with a reminder email and then the last email can be a discount offer they can redeem the day of the event. Include a request for an RSVP to give you an idea of your response rate.
  2. Speaking of events … have one. People love holiday events, especially if there are opportunities to save money, eat, and drink. So, do some decorating, decide on a promotion, and send those email invitations out!
  3. Use the speed and ease of email to send out a holiday newsletter or a catalog to your customers. Offer limited-time sales on popular products.
  4. Email coupons. Lots of coupons. Consumers love coupons, especially during the holiday season. As a matter of fact, nearly 96% of consumers use coupons. Need help with images and templates? Check out Canva.
  5. If your business maintains a well-functioning e-commerce website, then, by all means, include a link to your site and a discount code they can use on their purchase.
  6. If you can, personalize your emails using the customers’ names, including the subject line. Consumers are 26% more likely to open your email if the subject line is personalized.
  7. Another important way to personalize your emails is through customer segmentation. For instance, you might have customers who are frequent, infrequent and lapsed. Create separate email messages and offers that would appeal to each segment to inspire action.
  8. Last minute shoppers are depending on your email. As late as two weeks before the Christmas holiday, over half of consumers are still hunting for gifts. Help them out by offering product ideas and incentives like free gift wrapping, a gift card with purchase, or other enticements.
  9. With all the buildup before the holiday season, the after-season is often overlooked. Don’t be that business. Plan on grabbing the after-season crowd looking for deals by emailing your list with your after-season sales guide.

You can see how email can be a lifesaver when it comes to last-minute holiday marketing. While it’s a good idea to get your email campaigns going, make sure you take time to draft a friendly email, create an intriguing subject line, and use images. Have a coworker or friend proof your email and provide feedback to make each email the best it can be. Then, send away and watch the response.

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