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The Four Seasons of Successful Home Improvement Marketing

The home improvement industry is unique. Most products and services are what they are and do what they do day in and day out. Yet many home improvement products have just one season to shine.

Depending on the time of year, consumers have very different home-related needs. Spring is the season for garden planting and summer might be a time to spruce up the outdoor patio for BBQs. Fall finds many splitting time between yard cleanups and holiday decorations indoors and out, while winter tends to be filled with serious indoor remodeling projects.

That’s why marketing for your home improvement company is so important. No matter what month or season it is, people will have home improvement needs. Here are some of the top ways you can reach potential home improvement customers year-round.

Local ads

Taking out local ads is one of the best ways to make sure your name is top of mind when people start thinking about home improvement. Don’t just blindly take out ads in the local paper during the holiday season, spring cleaning, or other times of year when you think people are improving their homes. Instead, research advertising options specific to your local area throughout the year.

You have many more outlets and chances to reach the right audiences with the right message. Really think about who would respond best to targeted direct mail, search engine marketing, digital coupon offers, radio, or TV. Also think about offering coupons and specials to local residents at different times, something that Valpak can help with in terms of integrated print and digital coupon promotions.


A blog can help market your home improvement company on a consistent basis. When you offer useful tips, insights, and thoughts that people can readily utilize in their home improvement efforts, your brand credibility rises fast. The better and more useful your content, the more people will begin to see you as a thought leader, and keep your business in mind as they consider new home improvement projects.

But be careful of giving away too much, or telling people how to do the job for which they’ll eventually pay you. Rather, give tips for smaller home tasks they can do themselves, with the end goal being that they’ll eventually contact you when bigger, more complex issues arise.

Social media

Even in the home improvement industry, social media marketing is a must. Similar to your blog, the content you share on social media should be useful, entertaining, and contribute toward establishing your industry thought leadership. Also make sure to include local area information about your business, customer success stories, and positive reviews across your social media channels.

You can also use creative content in combination with targeted advertising on social channels like Facebook and Twitter target your ideal audience. Consider creating how-to videos and tutorials for home improvement and repair, then offer that valuable, search-optimized information through paid ads and social media.


No matter what time of the year it is, there’s a holiday or special occasion around the corner. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving, you have a chance to get creative and tie in home improvement with the holiday.

Think about each specific holiday and how your services can enhance their celebrations. On occasions like Christmas, some people might want to spruce up their home before having relatives over. Others might prefer to wait until after the holiday dust has settled before pursuing bigger home improvement plans. Either way, make sure to capitalize on holidays and include appropriate messaging.


People approach their home improvement needs differently depending on the season. This is especially true in areas with drastic climate changes like the southern gulf or upper midwest.

No matter where you’re located, you’ll want to educate customers on potential home improvements they can make for each season. Fall might be a time to shore up insulation in preparation for winter; spring is a great time to clean out gutters. No matter what you decide is appropriate for each season, make sure to communicate your message through your blog, website, social media, and local advertising.


Want to strengthen ties to your community? Charities can quickly help you build that bridge. Keep a calendar of charity events and make it a point to volunteer at some of them as well as donate. You’ll get a chance to not only put your name out there but to also meet future customers in person. You can also sponsor a cause either financially or by offering your services. Consider offering your services in exchange for sponsor trade and corresponding exposure to the community.

Consider donating a portion of your proceeds or profits for a certain period of time to a non-profit. For instance, during the month of November, you could donate 10% of your proceeds to help renovate a local homeless shelter. This shows that you care about the local community, and also ties in the services you provide from a marketing standpoint.

Get Started Today!

If you don’t already have a year-round plan for your home improvement company marketing, now is the time to get going. Here are a few things that you can do today:

  • Update social media. Take stock of all your social media profiles. Make sure they have all the correct local information and develop a plan to update them regularly. Develop a schedule of posts based upon holidays, seasons, and special events. Invest in social media ads to targeted audiences. It’s less expensive than you think!
  • Explore local advertising. Whether it’s calling up your local newspaper, or arranging a meeting with Valpak, make sure you explore options for year-round local advertising exposure.
  • Events calendar. Research as many sources as you can online, and develop a calendar of local events at which you might want to have a marketing presence. This will make sure there isn’t any “down time” for your in-person marketing efforts.


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