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How to Expand Your Valpak Direct Marketing

What some businesses don’t know about Valpak is that we’re more than just a direct mail company. One of the many print marketing opportunities that we provide to our advertisers include supplements. Supplements are extra print quantities of a Valpak insert that an advertiser can order and purchase, and take their Valpak print investment and repurpose it outside of the envelope and beyond the mailbox. Supplements are a great addition to helping you find a variety of ways to meet marketing goals for your business. Keep reading to check out some great ideas for moving beyond the mailbox with your print ad campaign.

Ways To Utilize Your Print Supplements


You can enhance your marketing campaigns and special offers by taking that advertisement and having it available in-store to drive current customers or shoppers back with special offers or incentives. If you are running a campaign, this is a great way to extend your reach and build more repeat customers. It could also entice shoppers to make an additional purchase that they weren’t in the market for simply because of an irresistible deal.

After the Sale

You can also distribute these print ads to customers after the sale if that better fits your needs. By handing flyers out with the receipt or including it in their bag, you’ll be able to provide a good reason to come back. Another common approach is including this in the check jacket at a restaurant or on the pizza box during a delivery. Get creative and think of ways to encourage repeat business by promoting your current marketing campaign.

Guerrilla Marketing

When your campaign really needs a boost, guerrilla marketing is just the thing you need. This approach is especially recommended for businesses that are affected by seasonality. Just like the leaves fall from trees, your street team can descend on busy street corners and parking lots leaving flyers under windshields, BOGO coupons in the hands of ideal customers, and the name of your brand on the minds of your whole community.

Think about what season is best for your company to begin a guerrilla campaign. For example:

  • Health and fitness offers do well after the New Year when people are making their New Year’s Resolutions to join a gym and eat healthier.
  • Casual dining restaurants and family-friendly places can pass out coupons to parents during the back to school season, when they might be looking to save time and find some coupons for savings by eating out without having to hit the drive thru.
  • The holiday season is a great time for many retail businesses, when people are looking for great deals on gifts.

Go Beyond the Mailbox Today!

Valpak makes it easy to increase the quantity of print ad coupon inserts printed for your marketing needs, but no matter where you’re marketing, think about how you can repurpose your advertising investment and creative to extend your reach.

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