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News Articles for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is finally here! It’s time for family, friends and good food. We know that as a small business owner, you’re still thinking about your next business steps — from Black Friday to the ongoing holiday season. So we gathered the best in recent small business marketing news and tips for you to peruse while you have a little down time.

Four Marketing Strategies that Paid Off for Small Companies -The Wall Street Journal

A small budget doesn’t mean small marketing. This article highlights four companies that thought outside-the-box to create big results for their small businesses. Consider it the perfect inspiration to kick-start your own creativity.

The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Groups for Marketing  – Forbes

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for connecting with like-minded professionals and growing your business. One of the most useful features of the social network is the various groups you can join. Follow this guide to become a LinkedIn Group expert in no time, and your business will thank you for it!

You Can Still Get Free Website Traffic-Here’s How! – Small Business Trends

The rise of paid online advertising, like PPC and paid options on social media, has left many small business owners wondering how to gain website traffic without breaking the bank. But you don’t have to fear, there are still many ways to get traffic for free and this article breaks them all down.

Jump Start your Brain with these 6 Morning Habits  – Inc.

We all have a little trouble getting going in the morning, especially after a holiday break like Thanksgiving. Check out these 6 tips to get your brain started so you’ll be ready to tackle the business day for maximum productivity.

A Step-by-Step Checklist to Making Your Website Mobile Friendly – HubSpot

Mobile marketing swept the business world this year and it’s only getting more important for your business. Make sure your website reflects this trend with this easy-to-follow mobile checklist.

Now that you’re all caught up on the latest in small business marketing news, we hope you’ll be able to get back to work refreshed and filled with inspiration when the holiday break is said and done. Now, go relax and enjoy the season!

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