How Large Format Prints Can Drive Local Business

Snappy one-liners, and succinct CTAs can make great ad copy, but sometimes what a marketing campaign really needs to get its message across is SPACE. Whole sheets of paper. Menus, flyers, and money saving coupons — marketing materials like these can make or break some businesses, and they don’t lend themselves well to a tiny quarter page ad. When your campaign needs some room to stretch its legs, you might need to think about large format print advertisements instead.

What Is Large Format Print Advertising?

For the uninitiated, a good example of large print advertising is the weekly store circulars that come along with the Sunday newspaper. They’re a good option for when a business has a lot to show or say, and they really need the room to do it.

Valpak offers several large format prints, including booklets, circulars, and 2-panel, 3-panel, and 6-panel flyers. They’re a must for menus, and they’re a great way to show off even more details about your business that will drive new customers. The over-sized, full color pages are great for showing off photos of multiple business locations, as well as merchandise your customers just have to see up close. They also allow for more, or bigger coupons, when you’re looking to wow your audience with a special deal.

Large Format Prints Get Results

We’re proud to stand behind all of our products at Valpak because we’ve done the research to prove they get results. We’ve found that large format print advertising is one of the best print mediums to reach consumers with coupons. Last year, large format print accounted for a staggering 91.8% of all coupons distributed, and 44.8% of coupons redeemed.

We offer your company a multitude of formatting options to best suit the needs of your business and its budget. We can even do custom formats, and offer a variety of paper options.  It’s great for businesses looking to give their business a premium, upscale look.

Large format print works so well because it catches the consumer’s eye, disrupting the tedium of their regular coupon sorting, and placing in their hands instead a beautiful, well organized piece of advertising. And with the Valpak Blue Envelope our customers already know it’s saving them money!

Get Started Today

Does your current print strategy give you room to get your full message across to customers? Do you even have a print strategy? Take a close look at your current marketing efforts, keeping in mind the goals for your campaign. Could it benefit from incorporating the additional space offered by large print advertising?