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How a Mobile Presence Can Change the Game for Your Entertainment Business

It’s no surprise, people like to have fun and be entertained! They also like to save money, access entertainment ideas and information quickly, and be rewarded for their loyal patronage. With mobile device ownership and usage increasing at a rapid rate, having a mobile presence for your entertainment business will set you apart from the competition and will help you connect personally — and the on-the-go — with existing and potential customers. Whether you own a local movie theater or skating rink, manage a bowling alley or aquarium, or plan marketing for a theme park or museum… being sure your business and online presence is mobile friendly might be one of the most important things you do to elevate your business.

In order to set your brand up for success you will first need to understand the following:

  • The influx in mobile device dependence
  • Why you need a mobile-friendly website
  • The best strategies in mobile marketing for entertainment businesses

Let’s dig in deeper and explore each one of these topics in detail.

Mobile Device Dependency

The Stats

If you’re a numbers person, this should help:

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone, with 56% using a smartphone occasionally to research community events and activities, and 18% doing this frequently. Four in five consumers conduct local searches on search engines, with 88% using a smartphone and 84% using a computer/tablet. Specifically, 56% of moviegoers reported they use a mobile phone to learn about and search for movies and other entertainment options. In addition, approximately 50% of American adults own a tablet. And it’s not shocking that 75% of teens own or have access to a mobile device and 92% of teens go online every day.

However, if that’s not enough to convince you, take a look around your establishment and keep an eye on your customers. How many are on their mobile phones while waiting to buy tickets or even while in the middle of doing something? This is also happening long before they step foot in your door.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

In our mobile-dependent, fun-focused society it seems clear why your entertainment business needs a mobile presence. From summer vacations, holiday events, amusement park visits, to a laid-back Saturday at a bowling center, Americans spend a large portion of their budgets on entertainment. They also use their mobile devices to search for ideas, savings, special events, contact info, business hours, directions, and food choices. People are mobile and depend on their devices to not only get them the information they need no matter where they are, but they also literally use them (gps) to get where they need to go… including to your business.

With a mobile-friendly website, or app, you can meet the entertainment needs of your consumers at the touch of a screen while they are on the move—56% of on-the-go searches have local intent. Mobile friendly websites respond to any mobile device, delivering your entire website’s content without compromise. Google also now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. That’s another positive result of having a mobile presence. Offer promotions on your mobile site that can be redeemed on the spot, which can help increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. According to a 2014 Google study, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search via a smartphone visited the merchant within 24 hours, and 34% who conducted a search via a tablet also visited the business within one day. In addition, 4 in 5 mobile consumers want location-specific ads customized to their zip codes, addresses, or immediate location.

Clear Website Content and Navigation

Along with a mobile-friendly website, be sure your content, navigation, and contact information are clear and accessible. Clearly indicate your business hours, location(s), phone number (click-to-call button for smartphones), upcoming events/calendar, food/menu, daily and weekly promotions, loyalty/rewards programs, user-friendly forms, simple drop-down menus, and social sharing buttons. Studies show that smartphone users search for local information such as business hours (54%), directions to a local business (53%), and store address (50%). Creating a mobile-friendly website with clear, easy-to-navigate content and contact info that’s quick to spot is imperative to retaining customers and increasing conversions.

Best Strategies for Mobile Marketing

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

A loyalty and rewards program should be an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy, which not only offers great deals to your customers, but can also be used as a marketing tool. Rewards programs increase customer loyalty, build your brand, improve ROI, and increase new customer conversions. Rewarding a loyal customer with a free round of miniature golf after four games will keep them coming back and will entice new customers, as well. You can include unique QR codes to track sales and protect against fraud.

Creating a mobile-friendly website should also include a digitized rewards program to attract mobile users. With such high numbers of people using mobile devices you won’t want to miss out on this great marketing opportunity. Attracting and retaining loyal customers should be the focus of all loyalty and rewards programs.

Mobile Apps

Adding a mobile app will only increase customer loyalty towards your entertainment business. After all, smartphone users spend 89% of their digital media time using mobile apps. Also, integrate your rewards program into your mobile app, which will allow customers to ditch their paper punch cards and collect points and rewards via the app. As of the fall of 2014, 37% of mobile phone users had used a mobile reward app to redeem or collect points, with 21% of respondents reporting they were interested in trying one. There are many great loyalty app ideas available which have proven successful.

With one click, a customer can be at your mobile site getting directions, hours, promotional offers, and redeeming points. Improve customer engagement, build your brand, provide value to your customers, and be visible and available to your customers at all times.

Targeted Marketing

Targeting customers based on geographical location, demographics, and keyword search are all great ways to reach out and get the attention of established and potential customers. For example, hyper-localized targeting allows you to send mobile coupons and offers in real-time based on a customer’s location and activities. The discounts are personalized, relevant, and highly targeted.

Social Media

Consider using the power of social media to leverage your entertainment offers. In a recent survey of social media use among teens (ages 13-17), 71% reported using Facebook and 52% used Instagram—the two most used forms of social media. In addition, 71% of teens reported they use more than one social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, Vine, Tumblr, other). Overall, there is a total of 1.44 billion monthly Facebook users alone—teens and adults. Per person monthly use of Facebook via a smartphone app is 7 hours and 43 minutes, Instagram is 3:40, and Twitter is 3:07. This has great implications for your business having a mobile presence and pairing that with social media. Consider offering a discount or other promotion only through social media to reach the billions of social media and mobile users.     

With such substantial statistics and data available on the prevalence of mobile use and dependency you can see how important a mobile presence is to your business. Creating a mobile-friendly website with clear and easy-to-navigate content will help get you started. Utilizing mobile apps to deliver loyalty rewards, ads, and targeted savings will help create brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and make you visible to customers at all times. Don’t forget social media. It’s a goldmine when it comes to advertising, promotions, and customer engagement. Not only will you reach a large audience, but they will help spread the word for you.

Go Mobile!

Get your mobile presence started today by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a mobile strategy for your entertainment business?
  2. Where can you improve?
  3. Do you know what your competition is doing?
  4. Your business is unique and so are your results. What will drive the most results for your entertainment business?

With these answers in hand, decide how you will execute a mobile website and market to your digital audience. Does it make sense to create a mobile app? Consider these best practices when implementing a mobile website and remember to keep your focus on your loyal customers. They are the bread and butter of your entertainment business.

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