Small Business Stress Relievers

Business owners are notoriously stressed out, and it’s not surprising! Did you know that 1 in 10 small business owners report that they work, on average, more than 70 hours per week? In fact, that stress is so great that 44% believe it is negatively impacting their health. Yikes!

While some stress makes you productive, that level of stress isn’t just poor for your health it’s not good for the health of your business either. While we all know that a good vacation does wonders, there are easier ways to start reducing stress today.

Break up the day

Do you tend to spend your day at a constant rate of “go, go, go”? That continuous workload can be a foundational cause of your work stress. Switch things up. Instead, work in bursts. Have focused periods of productivity that are punctuated by small breaks. This gives your brain a chance to reset so you can be more productive during each period. Use those breaks to do something active. Whether that’s a simple stretch, or a walk around the building, get your blood flowing for a few minutes.

Don’t Forget to Delegate

As a small business owner, you might be taking on too many responsibilities. Why not, it’s your business and you want it to succeed, right? But a vital element to business growth and the reduction of your stress is the ability to delegate tasks to other employees. Find people who you can trust to competently complete tasks. This can begin with identifying their strengths, and matching them with the things that may not be in your wheelhouse. Chances are, these tasks cause you a lot of stress, and could provide your employee a chance to thrive.

Exercise and diet

Proper exercise time and a good diet are vital for overall health and reduction of stress. Incorporate an exercise routine that works for you to maximize those benefits. For example, some find that working out in the morning helps their mood all day long, while others find exercise is a great form of stress relief at the end of the day. Implement patterns and habits that work for you and your lifestyle. Remember, just 30 minutes of exercise a day can make all the difference.

Set personal activity goals

You’ve probably set your business advertising goals for the day, month and year. Those help us stay focused and productive at work. Well, take that same philosophy and apply it to your personal life. Try setting a goal for each month such as reading a book, volunteering on the weekends or running a 5K. Those personal goals will help remind you to take some time for yourself outside of work.

A healthy work-life balance is vital to remaining motivated and creative for your business. Implement these easy tips to help reduce stress and maintain that perfect balance. Before you know it, you’ll be more productive at work and happier at home.

How do you reduce your business stress for a healthy work-life balance?

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