Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Google Business Listing

Is your business on Google? Chances are that it is–whether you know it or not–but you might not have claimed your business’ Google Places page yet. While the steps are easy and pretty straight forward, there are some tips and tricks that we will discuss in this post to make it simple for anyone to claim their business on Google today!

It’s important for you to claim your business page on Google Places (now known as Google My Business) because it offers a number of advantages and opportunities including:

  • Increased exposure from search engines
  • Increased local search penetration
  • Insurance your customers can easily find & contact your business
    • (Often the computer generated default addresses are wrong)
  • Allowing customers to leave reviews and send messages to your business
  • Allowing customers to easily create Google Maps directions to your business

Verifying and updating your business information, such as, contact details, business description, photos, business hours and any other relevant information allows your business to be displayed on Google’s popular products, like Google Maps. As long as your company meets the proper guidelines, like having an up to date mailing address, you will be eligible to be verified as a local business on Google. If your company does not have a mailing address you need to create a brand page.

By listing your company with Google My Business; anytime a user searches for your business or is using Google Maps in your local area, your business will be listed. By using Google Places Optimization and other SEO techniques your business will reach even more prospects by targeting internet users searching for local products and smartphone users searching for local destinations. Now you know the reasons for claiming your business, let’s get started!

Step 1. Visit Google My Business

Start by logging in with your Google Account associated with your business. If you haven’t already made one and your business isn’t populated from searching, visit the Google My Business page and click “Get on Google”.

Step 2. Find Your Business

Search for your business, most likely if you have a mailing address and serve customers it will already exist based off of Yellow Pages and other Google searches. If it doesn’t exist, create one.

Step 3. Add Your Information

Add all the information you wish to share about your business. The basic details are usually business name, address, phone number, industry and website. Accuracy is key! Your visitors won’t be happy if your hours are wrong or phone number is incorrect, remember to proofread!

Step 4. Confirm Your Business

Confirm your business address as the authorized manager and review the Terms of Service before continuing. Google will then, physically, mail you a postcard with information to verify your business. Make sure the address you provide is in fact a place where you receive mail.

Step 5. Welcome Screen and Tour

After confirming your business you are brought to a welcome screen and can take a tour of all the features Google My Business offers. It’s recommended to take the tour if you want to learn all the great features.

Step 6. Add Content

Lastly, add content! Browse through all the features you’ve learned by taking the tour and add pictures, videos and any other relevant content to your page.

Taking advantage of Google’s vast search engine that millions of people use every day is a great way for businesses to get a leg up on their competition. By following these simple steps, any business owner can register their business to be found by anyone in the world.


Get Started Now: Does your business have an address that receives mail? Does your business have a Google+ account? A places page? Then you’re ready to get started! The more information you can compile or set up in advance, the easier it will be to claim your business in one fell swoop.