Spring Clean Your Business Website

Your Business Website Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is just around the corner and so is spring cleaning time for more than just houses. After what was hopefully a busy and prosperous year for your business, spring is a great time to clean up and refresh your business website.

Ensuring your pages load quickly with the most up-to-date information possible is something you need to be concerned with year-round. However, setting aside time for a more thorough housecleaning once a year can go a long way towards ensuring that both people and search engines can find what they need on your site faster than they can click away to a competitor.

Here’s our spring cleaning checklist that will help you sweep away old content, polish images, update keywords and position your site for the hot and heavy traffic to come.

Update Your Website Information

  • Check Copyright Date: Be sure the copyright date in your footer lists the current year to protect your ownership of all content.
  • Archive Old News: The news page already should be updated on an ongoing basis, but often, higher priorities get in the way. Take a few moments to archive old news and post current news about your business.
  • Update Calendar and Events: Be sure that your Events page or Calendar is displaying information for the current year. If you haven’t already, develop an internal process to update your website with new events as they are planned.
  • Update Services Information: Review your Services page to ensure that everything is correct. Services you no longer offer should be removed and any new services should be listed.
  • FAQs: Are your FAQs still relevant? Are the answers still correct? Should new questions and answers be added?
  • Review Company Information: The About Us often gets forgotten. Take the time to review and refresh it. Include new achievements and awards. Review your SEO keyword performance and consider new, trending keywords for your business.
  • Add/Remove Team Members: A lot can happen in just one year, so be sure the team members listed are still with the company, the correct roles and positions are listed, and their bios are accurate.
  • Update Contact Us: Review your Contact Us page to ensure that it’s correct and updated to include any new pertinent departments or locations. If you don’t already offer an online contact form, now may be the time to add one.
  • Add new photos: If you include photography of your facilities or staff, consider refreshing those photos to help keep your site looking up-to-date.

Expand Your Types of Content

  • Video: Video is the most engaging form of content, as well as some of the most memorable. In fact, you may already be using video as a part of your social media. Use this time to integrate video into your website as well.
  • Photography: The photography showing your facilities and staff isn’t the only thing that needs to be dusted off. Images also improve engagement and recall, so integrate fresh imagery throughout your site, especially if you offer e-commerce.
  • Blog: Your blog should be updated regularly, but now is the time to ensure your entries are archiving correctly and consider whether or not it needs to be spruced up with a new design.
  • Event/Promotion Landing Pages: Remove any old landing pages from last year’s events and promotions. Develop new landing pages for future events and promotions using new keywords, content, and images.

Test Everything

  • Automated Emails: Run tests to ensure your automated emails are still sending correctly. Do the subject lines need to be reworked? Are the links still correct? How about new calls-to-action?
  • Database: Have you removed bounced email addresses from your database?
  • Forms: Ensure that any embedded forms are still working and ensure that their landing pages and subsequent results pages reflect current information.
  • Social Media Links: Be sure that all your social media links are working and take visitors to the right social accounts; now’s also a good time to look at embedding widgets that auto-update to reflect current updates, especially for Twitter.
  • Links: Ensure that links featured on each page are still active, especially if they should move users to another page within the site. This is incredibly important if you’ve recently changed or plan to change web hosts.

Review Your Content

  • Pages with Most Views: Take a look at the most visited pages on your site to ensure that information stays up to date and understand what it is that makes those pages work well.
  • Pages with Least Views: Thoroughly review the least visited pages to ensure they’re still applicable, determine if they’re so out of date they’re not useful and consider applying those elements that make the most popular pages get so much traffic.
  • On-Page SEO: The rules of SEO change regularly, so it’s time to review your strategy and make sure that each page on your site is leveraging it to your full advantage throughout their content. You should also review the metadata and URLs to ensure these are also aligned to current SEO rules. Evaluate your keyword performance and identify higher-performing keywords to use throughout your site.

Review Your Design Elements

  • Calls-To-Action (CTAs): Review the CTAs throughout your site and be sure they match your current goals and message. For more information, check out our free ebook about digital calls-to-action.
  • Branding: Your business has surely evolved over the last year, so update logos, colors, and even fonts, ensuring they are modern and aligned with the branding used in your other marketing efforts.
  • Navigation: Always be sure that customers can easily navigate your site; key information should be incredibly easy to find, and important processes (e.g., checking out) should be quick and frictionless.
  • Overall Impression: Invite feedback about your website from people who have never visited it before, preferably someone that fits your ideal audience demographic. You could even offer a percentage discount to current customers for reviewing your website and providing honest feedback.

If you want to brush the cobwebs off your online presence, you can follow these tips and do some effective spring cleaning for your website. Sprucing up your site will keep your branding fresh and appealing to customers and new visitors. For more about how to improve your website design, download our free guide, “Looks DO Matter: Judging a Business by Its Website.”

Start Spring Cleaning for Your Website Today

  • Take the time to review the front- and backend of your website. Never assume that content and code is up to date.
  • Be sure to review the website refresh checklist above. Do you already have processes in place to accomplish each point? Which still need to be implemented?
  • Review your company goals for the year. Are there any marketing campaigns or product/service roll-outs that will need site real estate? Is your design ready to support those when they need to be implemented?

Determine whether or not you need to utilize professional website development for any or all of the tips above.

Need help? Contact your local Valpak representative today.

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