Why Consumers Enjoy Direct Mail

Most savvy marketers know that every type of media has its own “stereotypes,” and most of those tend to not be entirely true. One misconception is that print direct advertising is considered “junk mail” by most households. Sure, some mail IS junk. Just like some email is spam. But, when direct advertising comes from a well-known and reputable source consistently offering premium offers for quality brands in an attractive blue envelope (sound familiar?) it is rarely treated as such. In fact, for many households it is a welcomed and expected piece of mail.

Power of the Brand

Valpak has built a reputation for quality, and it’s our branding that sets us apart. When customers open their mailboxes and find our distinctive blue envelope, they know they’ll find something good inside. We wouldn’t send it if it didn’t, and we wouldn’t have happy customers (and many more!) who continue to use the power of the Valpak brand to connect with consumers in their neighborhood.

Quality and Consistency

We work with our clients to create marketing offers that get their messages into the right hands, at the right time. That means more sales for our clients, and convenient savings and reminders for our audience. Because we strive to make certain that our blue envelope is full of great deals (and the RIGHT deals) from a variety of quality vendors, you can rest easy knowing our audience is eager to open up every Valpak envelope they receive.

Everyone Likes a Deal

Two Things Practically Everyone Enjoys:

  • Saving Money

  • Claims Backed by Hard Evidence

So here are some facts about how people are using the sort of coupons we mail out.

  • Last year 2.14 BILLION coupons were redeemed nationwide. 40.8% of those were printed coupons.*
  • 8 out of 10 people describe themselves as value seekers, more motivated to buy if there is a special promotion, or they know they’re getting a deal.**
  • 40% say their coupon usage has increased in the past year.**
  • 51% of value seekers prefer to receive coupons by mail.**

*Inmar Press Release, “Inmar Releases Year-To-Date Coupon Trends for 2014.” November 17, 2014
**Valassis Press Release, “Valassis Shopper Marketing Report Tracks Insights on Consumer Behavior to Drive Engagement and ROI.” March 5, 2014

With the popularity of coupons and the consumer trust in the Valpak brand, running a targeted marketing campaign with us is the edge your company needs to see an even higher marketing ROI this year. (Learn more about how we track marketing ROI with our Performance Dashboard)

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